Mytheon to enter Open Beta on April 28th

In addition to this, Mytheon will be offering a "Champions of Mytheon" package to the first 2000 players, which features early game access, exclusive goodies, T-shirts and autographed posters, and much more

It's here, it's here! That's right, it's the Mytheon Open Beta, coming on April 28th! True Games Interactive and developer Petroglyph have just announced that their isometric action RPG will be opening its doors in just a bit over a week's time. In addition to this, however, the Mytheon team is not content to merely wait for the masses to come to them, as they've just announced their extremely exclusive "Champions of Mytheon" package! This incredible package will include some major goodies for the purchasers, including coins, vitality elixirs, stone bundles, limited-edition Mytheon shirts and autographed posters, early access to new content before it officially releases, the opportunity to display your real name in the Mytheon game credits (under "Champions of Mytheon) and much more.

Of course, such a fantastic offer can't be available to everyone who wants it, and the Mytheon team is being very careful to preserve the awesomeness of such a package. They're doing this by limiting their "Champions of Mytheon" package to the first 2000 players who purchase it and after that... they're gone! So if Mytheon is the kind of game you would be interested in, keep your eyes peeled for the beginning of May, as that's when the package will go on sale. For those of you who may not be so keen to pick up this exclusive package, however, just be ready for April 28th and the opening day of Mytheon's Open Beta!

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