City of Heroes Unveils New Power Set

Dual Pistols now available to those that pre-order Going Rogue.

City of Heroes is Going Rogue and if you pre-order the expansion, you will get two new power sets. Dual Pistols was revealed today and allows players to dual wield and use swappable ammo. The set will be available immediately from the NCSoft store.

The second set, Demon Summoning, was revealed in a video two days ago. That set won't be available at the store until later this month.

Also later this month, Issue 17: Dark Mirror will be available. The free update adds:

  • Ultra Mode: A superior graphic rendering engine, dubbed "Ultra Mode," heightens detail in lighting, reflections, shadows, and water effects.
  • New Story Arcs: Play new story arcs in which you face off against your most dangerous opponent ever.
  • Enhancements to Mission Architect: Create bigger arcs, include giant monsters, and use new maps for greater customization.
  • New Features: Enjoy better in-game mail, Auction House user interface improvements, and a cleaner and more consistent way to find and craft temporary powers.

Issue 17 prepares players for the expansion, which is planned for release in July.


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