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Plushies, Pets and Wallpaper, Oh, My!

Can't get enough World of Warcraft goodies? Well, the World of Warcraft Community site has more items for you to sink your teeth (and money) into. Oh, and a few free things as well. Read on for the details.


One of my 80s in World of Warcraft is a designated pet and mount collector. I know he is not the only one, and unfortunately, Blizzard does, too.

In their ongoing effort to keep our wallets filled with moths, Blizzard recently unveiled two new pets that can be purchased form the Blizzard store, a gryphon hatchling and a wind rider cub. The catch? Unlike the mini KT and Panderan monk made available earlier for $10 each, you must now buy the associated plushie to get the pet. The cost is $24.99 each. I'm too old for plushies, so maybe my daughter will want them ... or maybe I can donate them to a shelter. Either way, I'll have my pets.

Now, if you are tapped out on cash and want some of Blizzard's free stuff, they have uploaded two new wallpapers for March. One depicts a mage at work in a library and the other shows a gyrocopter flying over the Howling Fjord in Northrend.

Get your goodies now, if interested. Paid or free, they got you covered.


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