Frogster Welcomes New CM With... More Frogs!

In a bizarre way of introducing their newest Community Manager, Lazlowe, to the Runes of Magic population, Frogster has decided to bring him in with a bang! Well, maybe more of a splat. According to Lazlowe, he has accidentally unleashed a massive legion of frogs upon the unwitting RoM community, and he's asking players to help him round them up! Introduced as the "Madness of the Frogs" event, players who kill regular frogs will get a chance to snag some fireworks, and players who step up to squash the boss frogs could get permanent pets! Of course, not all frogs are hiding goodies, so you may have to do some heavy smooshing to get what you want.

As well, the team is also offering XP and TP potions for 50% off as part of their introduction, so go say hi to Lazlowe and help him smash those frogs! You can read Lazlowe's awesome introduction after the jump.

The first day at a new job can be a little awkward. You have to fill out paperwork, set up your desk, meet everyone and learn where everything is all while trying to look like you know what you're doing. Everything was going so well. Then I opened the Box of Frogs. I didn't mean to; I was just exploring Taborea in my new role. But I opened a box, and frogs started leaping out and pouring across the server! This stream of frogs doesn’t want to stop. Will you please help me clean up my mess?

Our new community manager Lazlowe accidentally let loose a legion of frogs. Welcome our new Runes of Magic team member by helping him kill the frogs. Kill regular frogs, and you could get fireworks. Kill boss frogs, and you could get perma pets. Not every frog you kill will drop something, so kill as many frogs as possible for a greater chance for loot.

As an added bonus and to welcome Lazlowe, we're offering XP and TP potions for 50% off! Visit the Item Shop to take advantage of this deal.

Thanks for your help ridding the servers of frogs!


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