Interplay Retains License to Develop Fallout MMO

According to a recent news story by Gamasutra, a U.S. District Court Judge denied Bethesda Softworks' motion for a preliminary injunction against Interplay, regarding the licensing rights to the Fallout series. For more information about the former legal dispute between the two companies, check out our previous coverage back in September, along with an update we posted last month. For MMO fans, this is great news, because it means that Interplay has―at the very least―retained the rights to continue developing its Fallout MMO (codenamed V13).

In an earlier post at The Vault Wiki, a community member uploaded  screenshots of the MMO that were actually being used as part of Interplay's defense in the trial, to prove that full-scale development of the MMO was already underway. Gamasutra says the reasoning behind the court's decision is still unknown, according to a court order discovered by another fansite. Considering the amount of money and time that Interplay has already spent on its Fallout MMO (and the fact that the company defended its rights-to-develop after Bethesda filed suit), it's likely Interplay will now continue developing the MMO, to many fans' delight. Check out the Vault Wiki's V13 section for more information and a handful of "leaked" screenshots and concept art.

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