Gracia Epilogue Scheduled to Launch on Nov. 17

NCsoft has announced that Gracia Epilogue, the latest expansion to Lineage II, is scheduled to launch on Nov. 17. According to the announcement, the update will include "new and updated hunting grounds, vitality changes, a new mail system, and much, much more."

The massive patch notes have been posted on the official Gracia Epilogue site and can be found after the jump. The game will be down for maintenance on Nov. 17 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST.


The Mail System has been added in order to strengthen the player community and to increase the convenience of item trade. Through the Mail System, messages as well as items can be easily sent to other players.

There are two types of mail: Regular and Payment Request.

  • Regular mail allows players to send a message to other players with or without an attached item. Once the mail is sent, it can be checked by the recipient from the mail icon that appears on their screen. The cost for this type of mail is assumed by the player sending the mail.
  • Payment Request (also known as C.O.D) mail contains an attached item, and in order to retrieve the item the recipient needs to return the requested amount of Adena to the sender.

Sending Mail

  • You can access your mailbox by clicking the mail icon at the top of the system menu (Alt + X) or by typing /mailbox in your chat window.
  • A maximum of 8 items can be attached to each message and postage will increase depending on the weight of the attached items.
  • Sending and receiving mail is only available in a peace zone.
  • Mail will arrive at the recipient after 30 seconds.
  • Sent mail can be cancelled if the recipient has not yet opened the mail, if the mail has yet to be delivered, or if an attached item has not been claimed.
  • You must click on the Mail Type dropdown box in order to send COD mail.
  • The COD sender will receive the requested amount of adena directly in their inventory once the recipient hits the pay button. This happens almost instantly.

Receiving Mail

  • The mail icon will appear when you have new mail and you can click this icon to check your newly received mail. The mail icon appears just above your chat window.
  • An attached item cannot be claimed when you do not have enough available inventory slots or when receiving those items would cause your weight gauge to exceed 100%. Clicking on the pay button will allow you to claim the item sent to you. Once you click this button, the corresponding amount of adena disappears from your inventory.

Returning and Deleting Mail

  • Regular mail without an attached item cannot be returned. This type of mail can only be received or deleted. You must open the mail first before it can be deleted.
  • Mail with an attached item can be returned or received, but it cannot be deleted.
  • Unchecked mail will automatically be returned after 15 days. Please note that mail without an attached item will be automatically deleted, not returned.
  • Unchecked returned mail will be automatically deleted and the item will be transferred to the private warehouse after 15 days. Payment Requests will be automatically returned if not accepted within 12 hours.


  • The freight system has been replaced by the new Mail system. Items stored in the freight warehouse can be retrieved in the private warehouse.

Command Channel Matching

A Command Channel Matching System has been added to make it easier to organize and recruit members for a Command Channel.

  • The Command Channel matching room is created when a Command Channel leader opens the party matching window (/partymatching), and the Command Channel matching room is closed when the Command Channel leader closes the Command Channel matching window.
Command Channel Matching Rules
The party leader who created the Command Channel matching room cannot be party matching.
Settings such as room name and requirements are identical to the previous party matching system.
When you enter a Command Channel matching room, you are removed from the party matching standby and cannot be invited through the party matching room.
Regular party members cannot enter this room, only the leader can.
Players who entered the Command Channel matching room will be automatically removed from that room when joining the Command Channel or another party.


The duration between Vitality Levels has changed to increase Experience gain.

The amount of Vitality used when a monster is killed for characters levels 75 to 85 has changed to use the same amount as characters below level 75.

Territory War Changes

Different from clan-centric castle sieges, Territory Wars give regular players the ability to affect the dominance of a territory by participating in battles disguised as a mercenary. Participating in a Territory War will allow players to purchase new special items useful in PvP, character progression, etc.

Special items are sold by the Territory Manager located in the main city of each territory. Also, S80 territory guard necklace, ring, and earring with special characteristics, and hair accessories have been added.

  • There are new items available through the Territory Manager and Mercenary Captains in each town.
  • The amount of Territory Badges required to purchase an ordinary strider has been lowered from 60 to 50.
Item Type Item Name Description
Giant's Codex Giant's Codex – Oblivion Lesser Giant's Codex. An item required to restore a previous enchantment.
Giant's Codex – Discipline Lesser Giant's Codex. An item required to change an enchantment path.
Giant's Codex – Mastery Lesser Giant's Codex. An item required for blessed skill enchanting.
Talisman Blue Talisman – Blue Cancel With fixed chance, cancels the buffs of nearby enemies upon use.
Blue Talisman – Buff Steal With fixed chance, steal the target's buffs upon use.
Red – Talisman – Territory Guard Maximum CP will be increased, and a certain amount of CP will be recovered.
Blue Talisman – Lord's Divine Protection Decrease damage in PvP.
White Talisman – All Resistance Increases resistance to all elements.
PvP Exclusive Potions Territory Health Recovery Potion Restores HP. Usable by level 61-75 characters on the battlefield only.
Territory Mana Recovery Potion Restores MP. Usable by level 61-75 characters on the battlefield only.
Territory CP Recovery Potion Restores CP. Usable by level 61 – 75 characters on the battlefield only.
Belts Rune Clip Belt Increases recovery rate of HP and MP.
Magic Ornament Belt Increases PvP related abilities.
Item Name Description
Guardian's Strider Has a higher defense than ordinary striders. Also has special abilities.

Vanguard Improvements

With the improvements to the Vanguard stance, the Knight class will be more effective at solo play.

New skills for the Vanguard stance have been added. The Vanguard stance is now more versatile with the new skills being added on top of the 2 special skills by race, which were available in the previous Vanguard stance.

Skill Name Skill Description
Boost Morale When using sword/blunt weapon/dual-swords, increase accuracy by 8, critical rate by 150, and critical damage by 30% for 2 minutes.
Guillotine Attack Attacks the target with fixed amount of power added to P. Atk. Requires two-handed sword/two-handed blunt weapon to be equipped. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit.
Triple Blade Slash Attacks the target with fixed amount of power added to P. Atk. Requires dual-swords to be equipped. Ignores shield defense. Over-hit.

Skill Enchanting

The previous method for enchanting skills has been changed. Players no longer need to seek out specific NPC's to enchant their skills. A new button has been added to the skills window which will conveniently allow players to enchant their skills almost anywhere and anytime.

  • Experience will no longer be consumed when enchanting a skill.
  • Skill enchanting will cost adena and SP but at a decreased rate.

How to enchant skills:

  • The button at the bottom of your skills window will give you access to the Skill Enchanting interface. Once opened, only the skills that are not grayed-out can be enchanted.
  • Drag and drop the skill to be enchanted into the Current Skill slot on the left-hand side of the window. Once in place, available options, cost and other pertinent information will be displayed.
  • All previous enchanting options are available through this interface: Blessed Skill Enchanting, Route Changing, Skill Un-enchanting.
  • Safe Skill Enchant is now known as Blessed Skill Enchant.

A help button can be found at the bottom of the Skill Enchanting window. This feature will give you detailed information about the Skill Enchanting process.

Changes to Skill Enchanting

  • Previously unenchantable skills have been added.
  • For some skills the options and/or effect description have been updated.
Skill Name Enhance Method
Song of Champion Time
Song of Wind Storm Time
Dance of Blade Storm Time
Fear Time
Bless the Blood Time
Soul Guard Power
Backstab Duel
Deadly Blow Duel
Double Shot Duel
Bleed Power
Fire Trap Power
Poison Trap Power
Slow Trap Power
Flash Trap Power
Blinding Trap Power
Decoy Power
Count of Fire Attack Fire
Diamond Dust Attack Water
Throne of Ice Attack Water
Throne of Wind Attack Wind
Previously unenchantable skills Skill with new option(s) available Effect description is more precise.


Skill Transfer

Skill transfer is designed to expand the usefulness of healers in party situations.

  • This system allows the dedicated healer classes (Cardinal, Eva's Saint, Shillien Saint) to acquire skills from the other two healer classes. For example: Skill Transfer would allow a Cardinal to learn the skill Party Recall. Or it would allow a Shillien Saint to learn the skill Mass Resurrection.
  • Skill Transfer can be learned through the usual class trainer NPC's (priest, high priest, magister, etc.). One Holy Pomander is required to learn each skill. Holy Pomander is now received as a 3rd class change quest reward. But if you have already completed this quest prior to the update, it will be automatically be placed in your character's warehouse.
  • Skills acquired through this means can be removed by a skill trainer for 10,000,000 adena. The Holy Pomander spent on the skill will be returned when the skill is removed.
  • Some skills acquired through Skill Transfer can be enchanted.
  • Subclassed healers can also take advantage of Skill Transfer as long as they meet the requirements.
Class No. of Pomander
Cardinal 1 Holy Pomander
Eva's Saint 1 Holy Pomander
Shillien Saint 4 Holy Pomander

Skill Update

  • A skill has been added for the Dark Mystic class at level 14.
Skill Name Effect
Children of Shilen Increases Casting Spd. By 13 and MP recovery bonus by 2%.

Existing Skill Changes

A chance to score a Critical hit on use has been added to the following skills:

Triple Slash Soul Breaker Force Blaster Double Strike
Fatal Strike Armor Crush Demonic Blade Dance Full Swing
Earthquake Sword Symphony Burning Chop Blade of Hurricane
  Crush of Doom Sonic Buster  
Hammer Crush Tribunal Force Burst  
Spoil Crush Judgment Double Sonic Slash  
Thunder Storm Sonic Blaster Force Storm  
Burning Fist Psycho Symphony Triple Sonic Slash  
Shock Blast Power Crush Hurricane Assault  
Punch of Doom Sonic Storm Force of Destruction  
  • Power of skill has been increased for the following skills:
    • Blade Hurricane
    • Full Swing
    • Cleave
    • Double Attack
  • Restore Life skill has been changed to not be used on an enemy target.
  • Orc Mage skill Burning Chop can be increased at levels 72& 74 now.
  • Mage classes that have learned Major Heal can now level this skill at level 75. It now goes to 11.

Hunting Grounds

There are many areas updated, particularly for kiters. Previous hunting areas have been redesigned in order to address issues surrounding smooth level progression for high level players.


A new hunting area, Delusion Chamber, has been added for players level 80 and above.

Hunting Ground Name Suggested Level Hunting Ground Type Recommended Class
Delusion Chamber 80 and above Instanced Dungeon Party of 4 or more
  • The progression method for Delusion Chamber is similar to Dimensional Rift and can be teleported to by the Pathfinder Worker NPC in each town.
  • A minimum of 2 characters are required to enter Delusion Chamber.
  • Players must speak with the Guardian NPC to select a Seal to enter.
  • Each Seal consists of roughly 6 levels, each level lasting anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes.
  • There is a chance that during the last 5 minutes of the instance you will be moved to a final room containing a Raid Boss, Aenkinel.
  • Killing the Raid Boss will drop “Guiding Tea Leaves” which can be used to purchase Dynasty Armor and Accessories from the Guardian NPC.
  • 4 Nihil Invader Treasure Chests will spawn after the Raid Boss is killed. 1 Chest will provide items while the other 3 will not provide anything. You must choose your chest wisely since selecting the incorrect chest will cause the remaining chests to disappear.


Hunting Ground Name Suggested Level Hunting Ground Type Recommended Class Changes Made
Den of Evil 80 and above Outdoors Melee / Solo Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
Stakato Nest 82 and above Dungeon Party of 4 or more Mobs in the area have changed from level 70 to level 80+/ Mobs are buffed by Raid Boss. Players can steal this buff when Raid Boss is killed.
Fields of Silence / Fields of Whispers 83 and above Outdoors Mage Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
Forge of the Gods 78 and above Dungeon Wizard Party More spawns in the area and the chance to spawn an additional mob when mobs are killed.
Primeval Isle 83 and above Outdoors Party of 4 or more HP / Defense of Mobs in the area have decreased and now drop Herbs when killed.
Mithril Mines 81 and above Dungeon Archer Mobs in the area have changed from level 20 to level 80+.
Crypts of Disgrace 80 and above Outdoors Melee Party Mobs in the area have changed from level 35 to level 80+.
Giant's Cave 80 and above Dungeon Melee Party Mobs in the area have changed from level 65 to level 80+.

Zaken Raid Changes

The Zaken Raid has been redesigned as an Instanced Zone in order to provide more raid opportunities to more players. Players can now choose to fight Daytime Zaken or Nighttime Zaken.

Entry Requirements

Daytime Zaken

  • Between 1 and 3 parties (9 – 27 players) can challenge Daytime Zaken. If only one party is raiding, then it must be a full party of 9 people.
  • When entering with a single party, the party leader can talk to the Pathfinder NPC to gain entry.
  • When entering with 2 or 3 parties, the command channel leader can talk to the Pathfinder NPC to gain entry.

Nighttime Zaken

  • A raid force between 8 and 50 parties (72 – 450 players) can challenge Nighttime Zaken.
  • The raid channel leader can use the Pathfinder Agent to enter.

Progression Method – Daytime Zaken

Each corridor within the ship now contains a barrel with a candle on it. Within the allotted time, players must light the various candles. The candles will give clues to Zaken's location. A red candle means he is not there. A blue candle means he is close. In the end, there will be 4 blue candles. The room surrounded by these candles is where you will find Zaken. But please be cautious in choosing which candles to light. Lighting too many red candles will cause Zaken to become stronger. In addition, too many red candles will also cause more and more of his henchmen to appear. But likewise, the fewer red candles that are lit, and the faster that Zaken is defeated, the better your rewards will be.

Raid Time

  • Daytime Zaken raid time limit is 60 minutes, and the instance is reset every 3 days (Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30am).
  • Nighttime Zaken raid time limit is 360 minutes, and the instance is reset every 7 days (Wednesday at 6:30am).

Other Information

  • You may teleport to Zaken's chamber entrance through NPC Somulita located at Giran Harbor.
  • Zaken's chamber gate is no longer used to access the lower decks of the ship. Instead, players must now speak to the Pathfinder agent.
  • A Pathfinder NPC is stationed on the deck of Zaken's ship, near the chamber gate entrance. This NPC offers information and requirements for the Zaken raid, and contains a teleport link that will send you into the instance.
  • If pulled too far away, Zaken's henchmen will return to their original locations.
  • The rewards for defeating Zaken have been modified.

Seed of Infinity Changes

Changes have been implemented to modify the difficulty and accessibility for the Seed of Infinity.

Battle Process Update

Battle Process has changed from 6 stages to 5.

  1. Players can Attack Hall of Suffering and Hall of Erosion
  2. Players can Attack the Heart of Infinity.
  3. Attack Phase Complete
  4. Players can defend Hall of Suffering and Hall of Erosion
  5. Players can defend Hall of Suffering and Heart of Infinity.

General Updates

Level restriction to enter Hall of Erosion has been adjusted to level 75 ~ 85. Maximum players for Hall of Erosion/Heart of Infinity is adjusted to 18 ~ 27 players. Difficulty of Hall of Erosion/Heart of Infinity is decreased.

Reward Update

  • Cohemenes, mid-boss, event boss reward is increased.
  • Chance to acquire Tears of Freed Soul is increased.

Characters possessing a Mark of Keucereus - 2nd level can purchase the following items listed through Soul Trader Asyatei.

Item Name Effect
Skull Key of Suffering Removes Hall of Suffering entering limit.
Skull Key of Erosion Removes Hall of Erosion entering limit.
Skull Key of Heart Removes Heart of Infinity entering limit.
Soul Extraction Device Aquire Tear of Freed Soul.


Various new quests including quests for the redesigned hunting grounds have been added in this update. Also, existing quests in the redesigned hunting grounds have had their level adjusted accordingly. Finally, daily repeatable quests have also been added.

Please note that a new Epic Quest Arc consisting of 7 quests related to the secrets and mysteries of the Seven Signs is now available at level 79. Players can visit Warehouse Chief Croop in the town of Oren to start the epic quest arc. This Epic Quest Arc provides high Exp. and SP rewards, ancient adena, a Seven Signs exclusive item and much more.

New Quests

Quest Name Level Description
Seven Signs
Series of Doubt
79 Croop, the Warehouse Chief of Town of Oren, worries that series of questionable deaths have happened to the Dwarven Contractors who deal with the Merchants of Mammon.
Seven Signs
Dying Message
79 Croop, the Warehouse Chief of the town of Oren, asked you to request a memorial service for Jacob from High Priest Hollint at the Einhasad Temple...
Seven Signs
Contract of Mammon
79 Sir Gustav Athebaldt talks about Mammon's Contract during the Elmore-Aden era now in possession of the Lords of Dawn, and secrets surrounding the Seven Signs.
Seven Signs
Secret Ritual of the Priests
79 Lady Claudia tells you about the place where the Secret Rituals are held, the Secret Oracle, which exists at the bottom floor of the "Oracle of Dawn" and is exclusive to high ranked priests...
Seven Signs
Seal of the Emperor
79 Learn about the secret hidden in the contract between Emperor Shunaiman and Mammon after meeting Iason Heine. Then time travelling to the Elmore-Aden era and going to Disciple's Necropolis...
Seven Signs
Sacred Book of Seal
79 You are on your way to meet High Priest Orven in order to learn the location of Franz, but Orven does not trust adventurers...
Seven Signs
79 You were finally able to meet Franz at the secret hideout of Aden Castle, but you were attacked by a monster that was chasing you from the beginning...

Giants Cave Quests

Quest Title Level Description
Control Device of the Giants 79 Defeat 3 different Raid Bosses in Giant's Cave and bring back evidence of their death, and you will have a chance to fight the supreme raid boss monster of Giant's Cave, Hekaton Prime!

Field of Whispers / Field of Silence Quests

Quest Title Level Description
Winds of Change 82 Gatekeeper Flauen is concerned about the divergent factions arising in Heine between Dr. Helvetica and Priestess Athenia. It will be up to you to determine whose cause to support.
Won't You Join Us? 82 If you are a supporter of Athenia, then you must first earn her trust and respect. To do this, she asks that you destroy the machines that threaten the delicate balance of nature.
For a Good Cause 82 The Mucrokians are contaminating the fields of Innadril, destroying this once beautiful land. Hunt these vile creates and strip them of their hides. If you get enough, you will be rewarded with a Dynasty accessory recipe!
Success/Failure of Business 82 The development chief at the Field of Silence, Dr. Helvetica is looking for trusted adventurers. They say you can earn his trust by taking care of a simple problem...
Reed Field Maintenance 82 Dwarf Katensa from the Field of Silence Research Center is trying to build up an industrial complex after repairing the Field of Silence in Innadril. For that end, he is seeking an adventurer who will hunt the interfering Mucrokians in the reed field region.

Mithril Mines Quests

Quest Title Level Description
Take Advantage of the Crisis! 80 Gray Pillar Member Filaur in the Dwarven Village is worried about the recent appearance of powerful monsters in the Mithril Mines. If you defeat the monsters and collect their proof of death, he will give you a reward on behalf of the guild. Quest to receive S80 Dynasty Armor Recipe and Giant's Codex.
Grave Robber Member Rescue 80 Kanemika, the Grave Robber Leader, asks you to help him gather the Grave Robber Warriors who used to wander the Mithril Mines area before it was overcome by evil energy, and to have them escape from that place. Daily quest to earn adena.
Lucien's Altar 80 Priest of the Earth Daichir in Maphyr's Temple of the Dwarven Village has learned that the power of the barrier in Lucien's Altar has grown weaker. So in order to maintain the power of the barrier, he is seeking an adventurer for a special mission in his stead. Daily quest to earn adena.

Stakato's Nest Quests

Quest Title Level Description
I'm the Only One You Can Trust 81 Bounty Hunter Kintaijin is looking for somebody trustworthy to help him find the criminal who devastated his village. Do you have the skill and bravery to help him? Completion of this quest allows you to use Kintaijin's Stakato's Nest teleport options.
Only What Remains 81 Bounty Hunter Kintaijin, who is staying near the Stakato Nest, asks you to hunt Spiked Stakatos in the nest and to collect some mysterious items. A growth accelerator will be given as a reward which will spawn a mini boss when applied to a Bizarre Cocoon.

Den of Evil Quests

Quest Title Level Description
Expulsion of Evil Spirits 80 Sergeant Chairen in the Den of Evil is seeking an adventurer who will defeat the Ragna Orcs, who have become stronger by the power of evil and are threatening the Orc Amulet. Quest to receive S80 Dynasty Armor Recipe, Giant's Codex, and chance to raid.

Changes to Existing Quests

  • Exploration of Giant's Cave – Part 1, Exploration of Giant's Cave – Part 2, The Zero Hour, Ghosts of Batur and Signs of Revolt have been updated due to the changes in hunting grounds, therefore it is not possible anymore to complete the previously mentionned quests. The rewards for these quests can be retrieved through the News Informer in town.
  • Quest monster Succubus Queen from Trial of Challenger now spawns inside Abandoned Coal Mines due to changes made to Mithril Mines.
  • For the quest Audience with the Land Dragon, due to the changes made to Giant's Cave, the location for hunting Kranrot and Hamrut has been changed to Forsaken Plains.
  • For the quest An Arrogant Search, due to the changes made to Giant's Cave, The Titan's Powerstone for the 1st part of the quest has been changed to a Shell of Monsters and is now dropping from Yintzu and Paliote in Forsaken Plains.
  • For the quest Pursuit of Clan Ambition!, due to the changes made to Giant's Cave, the Titan's Powerstones and the Nebulite Crystals quest items have been changed to Spiteful Soul Energy which can be acquired from Spiteful Soul Leader in Fields of Massacre.
  • For the quest A Clan's Reputation, Hekaton Prime can no longer be choosen from the list due to its level increase. Raid Boss Shilen's Priest Hisilrome can be picked instead.
  • For the quest The Clan's Prestige, Stakato Queen Shyeed can no longer be choosen from the list due to the changes made to the Stakato Nest.
  • For the quest Shadow Fox II, the location of the related quest monsters has been changed from Field of Whispers to Alligator Beach due to the changes made to Field of Whispers/Field of Silence.
  • For the quest Method to Raise The Dead, the location of the related quest monsters has been changed from Field of Whispers to Alligator Beach due to the changes made to Field of Whispers/Field of Silence.
  • For the quest Black Swan, the location of the related quest monsters has been changed from Field of Whispers to Alligator Beach due to the changes made to Field of Whispers/Field of Silence.
  • For the quest Help Rood Raise A New Pet!, the location of the related quest monsters has been changed from Field of Silence to nearby Heine due to the changes made to Field of Whispers/Field of Silence.
  • For the quest Wedding March, the location of the related quest monsters has been changed from Field of Silence to nearby Heine due to the changes made to Field of Whispers/Field of Silence.
  • The starting level for the quest In Search of The Nest has been increased from 66 to 81 due to changes made to the Stakato Nest.
  • The Sweet Fluid for the mission Quest for Fishing Shot is no longer dropping from monsters in areas that haven been revamped for this update.
  • New quest rewards including S80 Dynasty armor and weapon recipies have been added for the quests A Powerful Primeval Creature and Rise and Fall of the Elroki Tribe.
  • For the quest Gather the Flames, the related monsters have been adjusted due to the changes made to the Forge of the Gods, and the drop rate of torches has been greatly increased.
  • The start level of “Defend the Hall of Erosion” and “Conquer the Hall of Erosion” quests has been decreased to level 75.



Cloaks are now standardized into one category instead of being divided up as heavy armor / light armor / robe.


A belt with new options has been added.

A, S Grade Magic Rune Clip Belt

Option Description
HP Recovery Increases HP recovery rate, also additionally increases HP recovery rate while sitting down
MP Recovery Increases MP recovery rate, also additionally increases MP recovery rate while sitting down.

A, S Grade Magic Ornament Belt

Option Description
PvP normal attack Increases damage of normal attack during PvP.
PvP skill attack Increases damage of skill attack during PvP.
PvP defense Decreases inflicted damage from normal/skill attack during PvP.

Additions/Changes to Existing Items

  • Giant's Codex is a stackable item now.
  • It is now possible to augment the following items: Necklace of Blessing | Ring of Blessing | Earring of Blessing
  • Bows and Crossbows with the special ability Cheap Shot will now reduce MP consumption on all skills.
  • When attempting to swap a weapon during combat, the swap will occur after completion of the current attack.
  • The tooltip for Apella armor descriptions has been changed to reflect current information.
  • Vesper Sheutjeh - The special ability of Cheap Shot has been corrected. Now All skills MP cost will be reduced by 12% when a skill is used. Formerly there was a 12% chance of a skill cost being reduced to 1 MP.
  • The casting speed for the following talisman skills have increased:
    • Red Talisman - Recovery
    • Blue Talisman - Divine Protection
    • Black Talisman - Mending
    • Black Talisman of Physical Freedom
    • Black Talisman of Arcane Freedom
    • Black Talisman - Escape
    • Black Talisman of Rescue
    • Black Talisman of Vocalization
    • Black Talisman of Free Speech
  • Dynasty Phantom – Wisdom items have been renamed to Dynasty Phantom – Nature.
  • Masterwork Dark Crystal Helms are now displaying the correct Passive Item skill.
  • The tooltip description for the Special Ability Guidance on Vesper Stormers has been corrected.
  • Item icons with images similar to other items have been changed:
    • Red Soul Crystal/Blue Soul Crystal/Green Soul Crystal
    • Fine Cube Piece
    • Red Gem
    • Olympiad Warrior's Ring/Necklace/Earring
    • Entrance Pass to the Sepulcher
  • A successful hit with dual-swords or fist weapons will now always consume a Soulshot.
  • An issue of not having any effect on hit with bare hand or melee weapon by Elf male characters has been fixed.
  • An abnormal effect that occurred during Vesper Dagger Dual Sword Craft has been fixed.
  • Masterwork Helmets can now be re-sealed through Blacksmith of Mammon.
  • An issue involving the PVP Vesper Noble Tunic set bonus has been corrected.
  • Bottle of Souls will only require 5 souls to fill instead of 6.
  • The Saint Spear PVP weapon tool tip has been corrected.

Miscellaneous Changes

News Informer

The News Informer NPC has been placed in each city to announce updated hunting areas with Gracia: Epilogue, along with teleporting players to the corresponding areas, and to help complete the old quests which cannot be completed anymore due to the changes in some hunting grounds.

The News Informer will stay in game for a finite amount of time, and the date of his departure will be announced beforehand.

Item Repurchasing

The Item Repurchase system has been added to allow players to repurchase items sold to traders for the same amount that the item sold for.

  • Items sold cannot be re-purchased after disconnection, quit, or character select.
  • Only the last 12 sold items can be repurchased from a vendor NPC.
  • Buy and Sell links have now been consolidated into one link called Buy/Sell/Refunds and a single window now houses all 3 options. These options are now tabbed for convenience.

Steel Citadel Raid Boss Changes

  • Raid boss Demon Prince and Ranku have had their respawn times reduced. The reward has been adjusted based on updated respawn time.

Pet Changes

New pets have been added

Pet Name How to Acquire
Deinonychus Can be acquired from Primeval Isle.
Guardian's Strider Can be purchased from Territory Mercenary Captains with 80 Territory Badges.
  • New feed has been added
    • Enriched Pet Feed for Wolves: Great Wolves and Fenrirs will automatically fill their hunger bar if it drops below 55%.

The following outlines changes being made to the way that pet inventory items are handled:

Previous After a pet is unsummoned, a weight/inventory check is performed to determine if items are added back to owners inventory or dropped to the ground.
Changed To Inventory remains on pet after it is unsummoned. When the pet is summoned again, a weight/inventory check is performed to determine if items are added back to owners inventory or dropped on the ground.
  • The item used to summon pets cannot be traded if the unsummoned pet has items in its inventory.
  • Deinonychus pets cannot wear armor but may equip an accessory.
  • Guardian's Strider pets can wear all Strider equipment and accessories.


  • Due to the changes made to the monsters in the new refined hunting areas, some seeds and crops of Town of Aden, Innadril, and Schuttgart were changed.
  • Aden Castle: Added (Alternative)Twin Coba, Removed Coda related seed and crop.
  • Innadril Castle, Schuttgart Castle: Added (Alternative) Sea Coba, (Alternative)Twin Coba, decreased previous maximum seed sale amount and maximum crop purchase amount.

Other Changes

  • Upon logging into the game characters will not be attacked by preemptive attack monsters for about 10 minutes. However, if a character performs any action (with the exception of using a Scroll of Escape) this will cause preemptive attack monsters to attack.
  • The foundation item trade window through the Blacksmith of Mammon has been simplified.
  • If item enhancement succeeds as listed below there will be a firecracker effect and system message.
Item Enhancement Level
Weapon From +6 to +7
From +14 to +15
Armor From +5 to +6
  • When using /target command, it is changed to auto target nearest target.
  • The /target command will select a target even with partial name of target.
  • Support magic has been extended. It will now be offered to all characters level 75 and below.
  • The appearance of some NPCs has changed.
  • Characters who acquire an 'Ancient Herb - Slayer' herb will not receive the effects of the herb if the character is 6 or more levels outside the monster's level that drops the herb.
  • The formula used to determine damaged inflicted on monsters level 78+ has changed slightly.
    • The amount of damage inflicted on monsters will be lower if your character is 2 or more levels below that of the level 78+ monster.
      • Damage will not decrease if player is same or higher level of the monster they are attacking.
      • In case of a servitor or a pet, damage will be based on owner's level and not the pet's level.
    • Decreased damage amounts apply for all types of attacks (weapons, skill, etc.).
    • This change does not apply to PVP.
  • The formula used to determine resistance against magic inflicted on monsters level 78+ has changed slightly.
    • When a character's level is 3 or more levels lower than that of a monsters level the chance that the monster will be able to resist a magic spell will increase.
    • Items that used to affect the chance of a creature resisting a magic attack has changed.
      • The chance of monsters resisting magic spells will be based on character's level rather than stats used to boost the chance to hit a monster.
    • This change does not apply to PVP.
  • The levels of some monsters in Hellbound, Seed of Infinity, and Seed of Destruction have been changed.
    • The levels of Beleth, Tiat, Ekimus and Scarlet van Halisha have been decreased.
    • Due to the adjusted levels of some raid bosses, the loot tables associated with these monsters have been modified. Please remember that you must be within the level range of the monster in order to obtain maximum loot.


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