MMOsite Compares Character Customization in 3 MMOs

Character customization is generally a big draw for most MMO players. After all, if we're going to be looking at an avatar for days, months or years, we should like what we see on the screen. Well, MMOsite has decided to compare the character customization options in C9, Aion and Tera, and the author seems to be impressed with the power given to players in both C9 and Aion to create a unique character.

The article came about because NHN recently unveiled its new site for the action MMO C9, which includes a developer diary on the customization system and a guide video. The article actually has videos showcasing the character customization options for all three games, so you can see for yourself which game you prefer when it comes to creating an original avatar.

Tags: Aion, C9, News, Tera


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