RoM Releases Information On Two New Classes

Two new classes have are being introduced in the second chapter of the Runes of Magic expansion, "The Elven Prophecy." Within this expansion, Frogster (the developer of RoM) will finally be allowing players to create an Elven character with two unique classes to choose from: The Warden and the Druid. The Runes of Magic website notes that the Druids "use the dormant powers within them and use these to build up ‘Nature’s Power.’" By using this this power, the Druid can increase his abilities or add effects to them. Frogster notes that Druids "will have to consider most exactly the sequence in which they use their abilities in order to achieve the best possible effects." Finally, the Druid will be able to choose if he wishes to be a defensive healer and supporter for his team, or an offensive spell caster.

The Warden will have the ability to call upon spirits of nature, and these spirits will, in turn, support the Warden. They also note that the Warden will have the power to " strengthen both them and their comrades-in-arms and form a useful support in combined battles." No Warden will be without his or trusty plant companion!

The Second Chapter is ue to come out in September, and you can also read about the lore behind these two classes at the Runes of Magic website, here.


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