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Here's the press release: Artifact Entertainment's Horizons: Empire of Istaria is one of the most closely-followed and highly-anticipated massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG) in years. Currently in development for the PC, Horizons will allow players to experience online gaming like never before in a single massive online world primed for exploration, brimming with adventure and rife with danger. Horizons takes place within the world of Istaria -- filled with cities and towns, castles and strongholds, villages and mystical structures, in environments ranging from tropical jungle and arctic tundra to windswept plains and mountainous wilderness. Whether adventuring by themselves or questing with a group of friends, players are free to choose their own path and encouraged to create their own stories. Fierce warriors, arcane spell casters and challenging combat will rule the frontier lands, but skilled craftspeople will play an absolutely critical role in overall character and world development. Scheduled for release in the Fall of 2003 on PC CD-ROM, additional information about Horizons can be found online at, which features Istaria history and lore, character race and skill information, downloadable and streaming game play movies, screenshots and much more. Available features include: * Screenshots - More than 18 new screenshots are available, which highlight the latest developments in combat and tradeskills taken straight from the Horizons beta. * Character Info - Bios of each of the nine playable character races in Horizons is complimented by detailed images of their natural environments, their dress and more. * Updated Feature Information - The combat, tradeskill and community building feature set has been updated with new content and images. * Downloads - New wallpapers and concept are available through the downloads section. New additions, desk top kits and trailers will become available shortly.
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