Blood of Gladiators TCG Expansion Released

Blood of Gladiators, the eighth expansion set for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, has been released with a focus on PvP and the new Arena theme. There's new Arena location cards, such as Gurubashi Arena, and a new card type called the Dual-Faction Ally to keep the intense battles moving.

For players who like to see in-game rewards, there's three new loot cards available. The common "Sandbox Tiger" spawns a stationary Spectral Tiger ride, the uncommon "Center of Attention" card gives you an Epic Purple Shirt that causes you to strike a pose, and the rare "Foam Sword Rack" lets players fight each other with...well...big foam swords.

If you're on the PTR trying out patch 3.1 and want to see the loot items, head over to Landro Longshot and enter 1111 for the Sandbox Tiger, 2222 for the Epic Purple Shirt and 3333 for the Foam Sword Rack. More information on the Blood of Gladiators expansion can be found here.


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