Grab Bag No. 2 - Featuring Guild Commands!

So many questions and thankfully so many answers are in this second grab bag.  Guild leveling confusion, an official patch notes page, group system enhancements, and more are included:

Q. Your answer in the previous Grab Bag regarding guild leveling was confusing. Can you please clarify exactly how guild experience is calculated, and what constitutes an ‘active’ character in a guild?

A. While it’s against our policy to share exact formulas (in order to keep guilds from gaming the system), we do want to be sure and clarify these mechanics to the best of our ability for those guilds who are concerned about how guild leveling actually works. The total number of members in a guild does not impact Guild XP gain directly. It's based on characters who have recently contributed experience. The system takes into account the characters’ level, and is balanced in a way to allow guilds of all sizes to level up at comparable (but not necessarily equal) rates.

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It is a sound system involving a lot of math, which is designed with the idea that players have alts and that there are as many large and small casual guilds as there are large and small hardcore ones. There is no need to boot inactive characters from your guild’s roster. If a character has not logged in, that character is not affecting the contribution rating at all. Our ultimate goal when designing this system was to ensure that all types of guilds are able to level up on an equal playing field whether they’re large or small, casual or hardcore.

In the end, it’s important to remember that guilds are an enriching social environment that are a great way to enhance your gameplay. We encourage players select a guild that values you for who you are, and not solely for your experience contribution.

Q. Is the only way to level a guild up through actually leveling characters up or what?

A. Not necessarily. Any activity which normally yields experience to the player will contribute experience to the guild. Even level 40's continue to contribute guild experience as long as they are participating in activities that lend them experience.

Q. Will there be a page on the website which lists patch notes?

A. Yes! We’re proud to announce our latest addition to the herald, the patch Notes Archive! This page will include all changes and fixes made to the game, including Hot Fixes. You can view the page here:

Q. When will you implement a looking for group system?

A. In Warhammer Online, we have something that’s much better than a LFG system: Open Parties! Open Parties allow players to join up with groups immediately rather than having to advertise themselves and wait for an invitation. Just right-click your character’s icon at the top left of your screen and select “Open Parties”. This will open a window which lists all available parties in the area. Just select one and join up, and voila! No more running around aimlessly calling out to be accepted like some sad, lost orphan. Join an open party today!

Q. Will there be technical support and suggestion forums in the future?

A. At this time, we do not have official forums for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. We have a very strong existing community which is regularly visited by our Community team and various Developers. Our community is very robust and quite helpful toward others. You can check out a list of active forums on our Forums & Fan Sites page.

You can also visit our informative and comprehensive Knowledge Base:

If you’d like to provide feedback to our dev team, please visit our Feedback page: or fill out a feedback form in-game. Please note that feedback submissions are greatly appreciated but do not generally receive a reply.

If you need immediate Technical Support, please visit:

Q, I bought the game and installed it, but when I try to log in to patch, I get a "Patch Error." It says that I'm missing a large amount of files and that I should reinstall. I did, and still got the same issue. My question is: is this somehow explained? Is it a disk issue? What can I do about it?

A. Basically there is either an issue with the game disks themselves or the DVD-ROM drive which is causing the files not to copy over properly. One possible fix is to manually copy the contents of the game disks over to your hard drive first and then try installing from there. Also, before doing any of this, make sure your drive has enough room, is defragmented, your Windows operating system is up to date, and any anti-virus scanning software is disabled. Any of those things could prevent the file transfer from properly functioning. If you are still having issues or need assistance with this process, please feel free to contact our technical support team please visit

Q. How do you attach a talisman to your equipment? I tried a few different ways, but nothing seemed to work.

A. Put the item you wish to attach the talisman to into your inventory. Then, shift + right click the item in your inventory and you will see a box at the top. Drop the talisman into the box and click fuse—now the talisman has been added to your item! Make sure that you’re certain you want to do this, for there is no turning back once the talisman is added.

Q. In other games, there are ultra-rare items which are only found in specific areas with specific quantities. Are there items like this in WAR? If so how do you get them: from corpses, PQs, or what?

A. Yes, there are items like this in WAR. These items are even rarer than purples, and can only be found by the most determined of the realms. If you are brave enough to venture into the depths of your enemies’ city, strong enough to encounter their leader, and wily enough to defeat him, then you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some of these items.

Additionally, keep an eye out for the gold bags in PQs, which drop pieces of armor that are part of a set. These armor pieces work together when you get more than three of them, and offer additional bonuses the more pieces you get.

Q. What are all of the guild commands available to me, as a guild leader, for managing my guild?

All Members
The following commands are usable by all guild members:

/guildinfo - Displays general guild information (name, creation date, etc.)

/guildleave - Removes oneself from the guild

/guildlist - Lists the guild roster and online/offline status of each member

/g, /gu, /guildsay - Sends the designated text to the guild chat channel

/guildtithe [0-100] - Allows the player to set the percentage amount of any additional donations to the guild above and beyond the guild tax rate.

Permission Required
The following commands are only useable by the guild leader and ranks that the guild leader has given permission to use the command:

/guildemail [text] - Sets the email address tied to the guild

/guildwebpage [text] - Sets the URL of the guild's website

/guildsummary [text] - Sets a short description of the guild (200 char. limit)

/guilddetails [text] - Sets a long description of the guild (500 char. limit)

/guildmotd [text] - Sets the guild message of the day

/guildinvite [player name] - Invites the specified player to join the guild

/guildkick [player name] - Kicks the specified player from the guild

/guildpromote [player name] - Promotes the specified player to a higher rank

/guilddemote [player name] - Demotes the specified player to a lower rank

/guildalliancedemote [player name] - Demotes the specified player to a lower alliance rank

/guildalliancepromote - Promotes the specified player to a higher alliance rank

/guildreleasekeep - Releases control of the keep claimed by the guild.

/guildtax [0-100] - Sets the Guild's Tax Rate percentage.


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