Secret of the Solstice Patch Adds New Zones, Quest

The latest patch for the free-to-play MMORPG Secret of the Solstice has something for both new players and battle-hardened veterans alike, including a new starting zone, four new high-level areas, and a brand new quest interface.

Players just starting their Solstice adventure and long-time players creating a new alt to take advantage of the game's branching class tree can now experience an entirely new starting zone. Based on the feedback from the Solstice community, Outspark has implemented a brand new starting zone featuring new quests and a lush jungle environment.

Meanwhile, the evil GM Alastor has fled into the deserts of Xen. Players up to the task must pursue him across four new harsh landscapes - the Emperonie Plateau and the Aserphel, Cretino, and Turmeit deserts - and battle his armies as they come closer to uncovering the secrets of the Solstice Sphere.

Additionally, the new patch also introduces a player-requested overhaul of the game's quest UI. Players can now view all of an NPC's available quests at the same time and choose which mission to undertake.

The latest Secret of the Solstice content patch is available now. For more information, visit the official Secret of the Solstice website .


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