Wonderland Online: Choose Your Events

A new Event Section on the official Wonderland Online site , detailing all of the available quests. Here are details of a few interesting quests available.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

The event goal is to carry away all the items in the GM's tent.

Righteous Harter

No one knows where Harter came from. Some say outer space, some say he crawled from the swamp. One thing is known though, he will never say no to a friend; and as he always says "All the players are my friends!" If players would like to pay Harter a small fee, he will help them to complete a difficult quest.

Search for a Super Pet

There are many different pets in Wonderland Online, a GM will guide players to search for a rare pet, such as the Unicorn, Clumsy Elephant, Pumpkin Monster.

Crazy Flea Market

Merchants from all over the world travel to Wonderland Online to find the strange and mysterious things that are on sale there. Many of them will even pay exorbitant prices for the items they want. Find out what they want and sell it to them to make some easy money.



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