2008 SOE Fan Faire: Live Events

For some, the annual SOE Fan Faire is a place to gather with friends from around the globe, catching up on old times shared within an online world.  For others, it's all about the panels and meeting the devs, community teams, and other players.

Then there are those who go for the events... such as the Live Events... hosted each year by the community teams for each respective title.  This year was no different.  There were Live Events for EverQuest, EverQuest II, Star Wars Galaxies, and Vanguard, created by the community team for each game.

Just what is a Live Event, you ask?  Well... let me tell you!

For those who are seriously in to puzzle solving, riddles, and questing, Live Events are just for you.  That's right... it's a live quest.  You start with a quest giver who provides you with the necessary information for you to search out your next clue towards completing your task.  Be sure to ask the right questions, though, if you are hoping for success!

I attended Friday's events, which were for EverQuest II and Star Wars Galaxies.  Beginning with EQII, we were first taken to the Quest Giver (who, incidentally, is also a member of the Guide Program!), who was surrounded by anxious questers.  He very patiently addressed each in turn, and gave them their instructions for his task.

This year, the task was simple.  You see, he is a man with "wife aggro", who didn't do his household chores and forgot his anniversary!  So, questers were tasked with finding items to help reduce the aggro.  Teams are strongly encouraged to band together and form groups of up to 6 each, in order to help solve the puzzles.  Questers are given up to 2 hours to complete the assigned task, however, finishing early and correctly can net you prizes!

For the EQII Live Event, the steps were simple:

  • Locate a mysterious Ratonga and find a way to secure some of her whiskers;
  • Find a bookie and win a game of Roshambo (rock, paper, scissors) for a "Debt Paid" card;
  • Seek out a priest to obtain a Rodcet Knife;
  • Corner the ever-elusive game developer to fix the quest, since it seems to have broken; and
  • Get to a jeweler and prove your crafting prowess in order to obtain a ring.

Winners from the EQII event were recipients of gift cards to various merchants in different denominations.

With Star Wars Galaxies, the Live Event was based upon a Battle of the Hoth re-enanctment.  Players were given a series of challenges to overcome in order to move on.  These challenges were more like puzzles, and had many chuckling to themselves while progressing through them.  You could tell when a challenge was completed, as there was a collective cheer from the group as they moved on.

The puzzles involved:

  • Shooting a poster (target practive);
  • Holding hands in a certain fashion and then successfully untangling without letting go;
  • Storm Trooper Bowling;
  • Performing an operation on Luke Skywalker; and
  • Completing 4 written puzzles (maze, crossword puzzle, hieroglyphics, etc.).

Winners from the SWG event received in-game badges and some swag/toys to take home.

All in all, the Live Events are a great way to spend your lunch hour during the two days of panels at Fan Faire.  If you haven't before, then maybe next year will be the right time for you to check it out.  You never know... you just might have some fun!

Maggie "AutumnKiss" Olsen
Senior Editor, ZAM Network


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