Voyage Century: GMs' New Appearances

The folks over at IGG have sent us these pictures of their GMs' brand new looks in Voyage Century. Pretty cool looking, huh?

Voyage Century , a 3D MMORPG from IGG, which prides itself on the real world geography, historical design, and eye-catching graphics within the game. And as such it continues to impress its extraordinarily loyal players and fans. Today the Voyage Century team wants to tell their players a bit about the new appearances of their GMs. Some unscrupulous players have been disguising themselves as GMs to trick other players out of special items and/or coins. In an effort to combat this; the VC team has specifically designed these new appearances for the GMs so that players can easily distinguish the fakes from the real GMs. Take a closer look at them:

The GM of Hurricane Island, she is peaceful but also a little shy.

A cold beauty with a heart full of passion.

For more details, please click the official website .


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