July 9, 2008

New Items: Exalted Shortsword of the Iron-heartSathirian CurseExalted Amulet of BeastsStandard of the Boombottom TribeStandard of the Gigglegibber TribeStandard of the Grimmin TribeExalted Band of the GamblerSnok's ShinyExalted Spaulders of the SunExalted Mantle of VisionExalted Symbol of SurvivalGhastly Ghoul FistPainting: Cyndra’s Barbed SpearImpressive Ghoul FistFist CushionDingy Pike of FateGertrude's Splendid SteinDingy Fist CushionMelodic StoneMinstrel's BracersExalted Gloves of the GuardianExalted Breastplate of ConcentrationExalted Ring of GraceExalted Dagger of LightRadiant Ring of ConcentrationExalted Amulet of BattleRadiant Buckler of the Stoic

Exalted Symbol of ConcentrationSlippers of the EnticingTrophy of the Hunterimbued ebon sledgehammerdazzling elemental heartblessed ebon crescent axeblessed feysteel lanceblessed ebon javelinblessed cobalt maulHailstorm, the Ice SpikeExalted Gloves of Elementsimbued feysteel tribal spearimbued feysteel lanceblessed feysteel voulgeblessed xegonite voulgeblessed steel long swordimbued feysteel sledgehammerimbued blackened iron katarcobalt morning starblessed cobalt morning starblessed xegonite morning starblessed cobalt parrying bladeimbued steel scourgeimbued blackened iron spiked hammerimbued iron falchionblessed iron javelinblessed iron rapierxegonite morning starimbued xegonite hand axeblessed blackened iron short swordimbued ebony wandimbued steel shamshirblessed xegonite flambergeblessed xegonite stilettoimbued xegonite sabreblessed feysteel claymorexegonite dirkblessed xegonite short swordblessed xegonite dirkxegonite battle hammerblessed xegonite battle hammerxegonite 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