Blizzard Splash Screen Changes Once Again - Day 4!

Blizzard has changed their splash screen once again today! Saturday launches this year's Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational, giving us one more day of changes. Unless of course someone at Blizzard got left home to mind the store, in which case, we never know what could happen! As always, Diablofans has possible answers!
As for the runes on the icy image the previous were: the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King's Frostmourne rune, followed by the Hel Rune from Diablo II, and the protoss Alkilae tribe symbol from Starcraft II. Today's rune seems like a solar system. This is not a symbol you see often in a Blizzard game. The only thing that it resembles is an Arcane Sanctum from Warcraft III.

Otherwise it can be interpreted as three franchises and a new franchise at the center (4 orbs). Or Starcraft Galaxy? Those staring eyes in the splash page look a lot like a Dark Archon -- and if you have been reading Starcraft: The Dark Templar pocket book you will know that Ulrezaj the Dark Archon has returned to Aiur.

They go on to talk about the The Valenzetti Equation, in a very weird version of NotPron!

In more WWI news *insert another World War One joke here* Blizzard will be streaming the opening and closing ceremonies as well as some of the tourneys and concerts, so don't miss out!


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