EQ2 Blog: The Developers Are ALWAYS Wrong!

Everybody has concerns with the game they are playing. Some people adapt and play the game regardless. Others however, feel it necessary to take their complaints to the official forums.

Instead of posting their concerns in a polite and constructive manner; they choose to allow emotion take over. As a result, their posts often sound condescending, insulting and sometimes vile or offensive.

In defense of these communication and socially handicapped folks.. they're right.

The Developers are ALWAYS wrong!

Read on for a list of the demands from these poor neglected players!
  • Every game should be playable at highest quality on any system; even a 286 with 256k of RAM.
  • Every new player should be able to play the game using only one button. Learning how to play the game is an unnecessary inconvenience.
  • Levels are a waste of time. There should only be one level and that is "End Game".
  • There should only be one class. Mine. And, it should always be the most powerful class.
  • Any travel that takes longer than 5 minutes ruins my game. Allow me to teleport by simply imagining my destination.
  • I want to PvP. But, only if I win every single time.
  • I want to do Raids but I don't want to join a guild. Make all raids solo friendly. And again, I must win every time.
  • If I experience lag or any other game altering issue; I expect a SOE employee to come to my home and troubleshoot the issue. Cause its not my fault the code is bad.. nor is it my fault that my computer is a POS.
  • Any MMO that doesn't produce a new Expansion every 12 days is obviously suffering financial hardship and should hire 200 more developers. My boredom has nothing to do with my resitance to exploring new areas, trying all the quests, ignoring Tradeskills, or my hyperspeed launch towards End Game.
  • Reality in a game is stupid. I want to be able to carry 10 tons of equipment on my 70 pound Elf.
  • I pay $19.95/month for the best Internet connection in the world. I fully expect my 5 megabit connection which is shared by 3 city blocks of people to download all new content in less than 20 minutes.
  • I should be able to name my character whatever I want regardless of how offensive it is. GM's who change my name should be dragged outside and beaten silly.
  • When I post a demand in the forum I am using profane language and insults to emphasize my points. You will listen. You will make the changes I ask for. And, you will update me personally via courier pigeon with your progress.
  • Finally, my $15/month guarantees me a seat on the board of directors so I expect a luncheon invitation to discuss all future development plans. Please be sure that the President of SOE is present and ready to take notes.
Now obviously I'm just poking fun at people who make unreasonable demands of the development team. And, even unreasonable demands are alright. People have every right to vent. But, some people get so worked up that its usually in their best interest to lay off the Mountain Dew for a while.

This entry is completely a jest
and an attempt to hopefully make just a few people feel slightly stupid.

What can I say? It's what I do. ;)

Till next time,

Venekor Server
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