EQ2 Blog:Part III of III - "What's The Best Class"

Well it is time to wrap this series up with the final installment. I hope that people who are new to the game and have read Part I & II were able to take something away with them from it. In the final installment I'm going to tie up the loose ends on this subject by addressing common concerns that haunt many new players when they create a new character in EQ2. "What's the best class for getting in to groups?" and "Why is it so hard to find a group on my server?".

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"What's the best class for getting in to groups?"

A seasoned player of MMOs could easily assume that choosing a Tank or Healer class would guarantee them a spot in any PUG (Pick Up Group). This isn't true and I've never understood the logic behind that assumption. In other words, "The world needs ditch diggers too".

As more and more players pour in to EQ2 during the Living Legacy promotion, many are flocking to the forums and posting the question "Which class is most needed??". Those that are taking the initiative and diving right in to (or back in to for returning players) the game are probably creating a Tank or a Healer because they naturally think every group needs one. And, they're correct. However.. Most PUGs start out with a Tank or Healer and are most commonly looking for other support classes such as DPS (Damage per Second) and Buff/Debuff classes.

A well rounded group has all the necessary pieces in place. A group of tanks is not going to fare so well in a difficult dungeon or instance. Especially if they are resting ever other mob while waiting for their health and power to restore like the woman from the Target ads on television. "Open, open, open". Likewise, a group full of healers is going to find that the mobs will take a millenium to clear due to their lack of firepower.

Now, there is an advantage to becoming a Tank or a Healer. You are going to be the person who people will flock to when you create your own PUG. This actually requires some initiative though, and I don't see a lot of that these days. Which leads me in to the next topic.

"Why is it so hard to find a group on my server?"

It isn't.

Looking for love in all the wrong places..

Sorry.. bad Urban Cowboy reference. ;) But, that sums it up. I was sitting on the East Freeport docks the other night during prime time on my server, when I observed three new players around the same level range all toting the "LFG" (Looking For Group) tag above their heads. One was a tank, the other was a healer and the last was a buff class.

Confused; I sent a /tell to the tank and asked "What kind of group are you trying to find?". He explained that he'd like to join a group going to Fallen Gate that needed a tank. I moved on to the healer and asked her the same question. She replied quite politely but frustrated and explained that she's been looking for a group for several hours so she could finish a quest in Fallen Gate. A little more perplexed I turned my attention to the Dirge and nearly spit my beer all over the screen when he informed me that he was looking for a group to go do.. you guessed it.. Fallen Gate.

In a fashion that would make Chuck Woolery proud, I introduced these 3 vagabonds to one another because obviously they were all three role playing characters who had poor peripheral vision and hadn't noticed each other earlier. The three of them scampered off happily to Fallen Gate thanking me quickly before banging on the Mariner Bell.

Start your own PUG.

In the lower tiers, new players tend to be a little shy about starting their own PUG. They probably aren't familiar with the zones yet and possibly concerned that they will dissapoint the members of their group. But, starting your own group is the easiest and quickest way to get out there and avoid sitting in a high traffic zone like an immigrant looking for day labor opportunities.

Open up your options.

If you are looking for a group to go to one area specifically, you have limited your opportunities immensely. Don't hesitate to join a group that is heading off to an area that you've already explored. At least you are out doing something with other people and not just sitting somewhere all by yourself staring blankly at the Level 1-9 chat looking for that PUG soul mate out there. Besides, the most enjoyable PUGs rarely end after a single goal is obtained. In fact, I've rarely participated in a PUG that didn't end the first instance with "So, what do you guys want to do now?!". That's your opportunity to step in and let your party know that you haven't been to a certain area or need to finish a particular quest. Most people will be more than happy to give you a hand since you took time out of your day to assist them. Do be prepared for those rather selfish folks who will indeed log out immediately after accomplishing what they needed though. It happens from time to time. Just make a note of that person's name and avoid grouping with them in the future.

Join a guild.

Another behavior displayed by new players, is the apprehensiveness to join a guild at the lower levels. Or to join a guild at all for that matter. Here are the most common excuses I hear from people who avoid joining a guild.

1. I don't like to raid/I don't have time to raid.

You're not going to be doing much raiding at T1-3 anyways. And, what did I tell you in previous installments? Stop worrying about End Game!!

2. I'm a casual gamer. I can't be on all the time.

So? There are hundreds of guilds made up of people just like you. I don't know where this myth began, but people tend to believe that a guild requires them to punch in promptly at a certain time like the second shift at McDonalds. Its completely untrue and I wouldn't want to belong to a guild or any type of social group with such restrictions. This is a game. Not a military deployment.

3. I prefer to solo.

Cool. Then solo to your heart's content. You can still belong to a guild. And, you have the added benefit of the guild chat and getting to know the people in your guild. So, when that time comes around when you need a little assistance, you won't be relying on the aid of strangers. Instead, you'll have an arsenal of friends who are more than happy to help out a fellow guild mate at your disposal.

The Final Wrap Up.

So this concludes the final installment of "What's The Best Class?".

Some things to remember.. call them "Golden Rules" for new players who seem to lack decision making skills of their own.

1. Play as many classes as you want and choose the one you enjoy the most. Do not rely on the suggestions of other players. They may enjoy playing a class that you do not.

2. Stop worrying about End Game. By the time you get there, things will have probably changed so drastically that End Game is not likely to be what you had expected during all that leveling to get there.

3. Every class is needed in a group. There is no specific class or classes that is never welcome in a group. Nor is there any class or classes that is in the most demand. For every group that needs a tank, there are 3 or 4 other groups looking for a healer, dps or buff/debuff class.

4. Read the forums. Don't Post. Resist the urge to hit the "New Topic" button when the Newbie Yard forum loads on your screen for the first time. I guarantee that no matter how specific you believe your question to be; a dozen people have already asked the same question. Use the Search feature and read through the past posts.

5. Ask for advice. Not guidance. Take the advice you receive from other players as just that, advice. There are 24 different classes so asking which class is the best is going to give you 24 different answers. Go read the Class Forums and do your own research on the classes that interest you. Then go for it. Roll one of each and play them until you have a good idea about each class' strength, weakness and enjoyability.

Remember that a very small percentage of the player base in EQ2 reads the official forums. So, when you ask an open ended question like "Which class is the best?" to such a small audience, you are probably neglecting so many other choices available to you. It is sort of like going to Small Town, Wisconsin with a population of 150 people and asking which Presidential candidate to vote for come this November.

There is only one answer to the question "Which Class Is The Best?"

The one you enjoy playing the most.

Til next time, Happy Adventuring!

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