JE Developer Log On Official Site

Jumpgate Evolution developer Scott “Scorch” Brown has a developer log up on their main page.  It's great to see that NetDevil is taking what they learned with their other games to make this one a success.  More to the point, what they've learned from Auto Assault's poor support.

While Auto Assault didn’t perform to everyone’s expectations, it did teach us a lot about what it takes to make better games. We realized that if we wanted to make a successful game, it needed to be done on our own terms and without the pressure of development milestones. So, we went to work.

Developing Jumpgate Evolution is a great opportunity. Because we funded the development ourselves, we needed to make sure that - given the limited resources - we had the best possible people working on it.

The idea that they've taken their lessons to heart and are moving forward with it in a new direction is heartening, and should encourage MMO'ers everywhere!


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