Granado Espada Goes F2P

We got a press release from the Korean counterpart to Sword of the New World, Granado Espada with all the info!
Good news for Granado Espada (GE) fans - Five months after the launch of the multiple award-winning game, it is now available to gamers free to play (F2P) with the launch of the Bahia Island Expansion on the 20th of December. 

With a pledge to bring a whole new dimension to the GE gaming experience, IMC Games, HanbitSoft, and local operator IAHGames will introduce a stash of new premium items which will feature exquisitely designed costumes to compliment the tropical beach scenes in the new expansion. 

The expansion will feature new maps such as Bahia Island and Tierra De Los Muertos (Land of the Dead). 

The move to F2P, in alignment with other global GE partners, is essential to bring gamers in the region in tandem with gamers worldwide. IAHGames assures that the move to F2P will bring about a new influx of GE gamers, aid the longstanding development and bring added excitement to the game.

You can find the free download for the North American version of the Free to Play client right here.


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