December 20th, 2007

New Items: Thin Oak StaffTriple-trapWinter BarleyFinely Woven Grand Master Standard of VictoryIntricately Woven Grand Master Standard of VictoryMinor Maid-at-arms Herald Armaments

Updated Items: StrawberriesThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerDragonsbreath SeedRushlight SeedSouthlinch SeedSweet Lobelia SeedAdamantElf-Captain's NotesSturdy HideYellow OnionSouthlinch Pipe-weedThin Oak StaffCuirass of TuckboroughMinor Pilgrim Herald ArmamentsMinor Commoner Herald ArmamentsMinor Man-At-Arms Herald ArmamentsThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerThrowing DaggerAuthriRuined Soldier's RecordIntricately-Engraved PommelBurnished Ancient ArmourBook of the DunedainBeast-master GlovesDannasen's BreastplateHeavy Elven Soldier's ArmourMajor Vanquishing RuneAdamant NecklaceExceptional Major Striking RuneMajor Striking RuneBeast-master ShouldersRefined Fire Oil RecipeRefined Fire-oilRefined Light-oilPolished Quick TrapPolished Quick Trap RecipeQuality Quick TrapQuality Quick Trap RecipeBow Chant: Wind-riderBow Chant: Wind-rider RecipeMajor Footsoldier Herald Armaments RecipeImproved Triple-trapImproved Triple-trap RecipeImproved Lure TrapImproved Lure Trap RecipeWesternesse Throwing Axe RecipeBow Chant: Breach-finderBow Chant: Foe-finderBow Chant: Foe-finder RecipeSuperior Triple-trapSuperior Triple-trap RecipeBow Chant: Whisper-drawBow chant: Whisper-draw RecipeCunning Lure TrapTemper-Crafted Shoulder GuardsBundle of StrawPolished Ancient ArmourIntricateTile FloorPure Milkthistle DraughtPure Healing DraughtElf Well-crafted BootsDwarf Skirmisher's ArmourGreater Flask of ConhuithGreater Flask of LhinestadGreater Healing DraughtGreater Healing SalveGreater Milkthistle DraughtGreater Milkthistle SalveGreater Salve of ConhuithGreater Salve of LhinestadLesser Flask of ConhuithLesser Flask of LhinestadLesser Healing DraughtLesser Healing SalveLesser Milkthistle DraughtLesser Milkthistle SalveLesser Salve of ConhuithLesser Salve of LhinestadPure Flask of ConhuithPure Flask of LhinestadPure Healing DraughtPure Healing SalvePure Milkthistle DraughtPure Milkthistle SalvePure Salve of ConhuithPure Salve of LhinestadRefined Flask of ConhuithRefined Flask of LhinestadRefined Healing DraughtRefined Healing SalveRefined Milkthistle DraughtRefined Milkthistle SalveRefined Salve of ConhuithRefined Salve of LhinestadSimple Flask of ConhuithSimple Flask of LhinestadSimple Healing DraughtSimple Healing SalveSimple Milkthistle DraughtSimple Milkthistle SalveSimple Salve of ConhuithSimple Salve of Lhinestad

Updated Mobs: Hagan Storm-SwordEgon Malt-Water

Updated Areas: BreeTinnudirLake EvendimAnnuminasOst Forod

Updated Zones: Lone LandsEvendim


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