Atlantica Set for Official LaunchAtlantica Online2008-10-302.69
Official FFXIV Benchmark Program AvailableFinal Fantasy XIV2010-06-152.55
Star Trek Online Announced!Star Trek Online2008-07-282.49
WAR Still Won't Have Official ForumsWarhammer Online2008-03-152.45
Black Prophecy Team Launches New Official WebsiteBlack Prophecy2009-03-052.39
Wonderland Online Launches Official SiteWonderland Online2008-03-182.37
Official SOE Spook-Cast Now AvailableGeneral News2009-10-122.29
New Skills!Lord of the Rings Online2007-02-202.28
WAR Gets Official Forums!Warhammer Online2009-01-302.28
Official EQOA Forums are openEverquest Online Adventures2003-02-142.27
Lineage 2 Official Forums Broken?Lineage II2004-05-272.26
Forum Migration Now in ProcessEverQuest II2007-02-062.23
FFXIV Official Website Updated!Final Fantasy XIV2009-12-242.21
Official Game ManualLord of the Rings Online2007-04-072.16
Official Game Update 42 Preview!EverQuest II2008-02-012.15
Fallen Earth Soundtrack to be Released Sept. 21Fallen Earth2010-09-172.14
New Message System on Camelot BoardsDark Age of Camelot2002-01-052.12
AO Daily UpdateAnarchy Online2001-08-072.10
SOE Server Maintenance for 12/10Free Realms2009-12-082.09
Impending Wipe of the Official LOTRO ForumsLord of the Rings Online2007-03-282.08
Official FINAL FANTASY XIV Teaser Site Now Open!Final Fantasy XIV2012-07-052.08
Earthrise Enters BetaGeneral News2009-01-162.06
New Information on the Official Site for ARRFinal Fantasy XIV2013-05-102.05
FFXI Official Twitter Account Launches!Final Fantasy XI2011-01-142.05
Dev Chat on Bridge Crews Set for TuesdayStar Trek Online2009-06-292.03
New Item: The AggregatorRunes of Magic2009-04-062.03
Aion Updates Public Testing Servers to 1.9Aion2010-05-252.02
Gallenite Announces Additional Character SlotsEverQuest II2007-05-072.00
Official EQ2 forum MaintenanceEverQuest II2007-04-111.99
Diablo III Youtube Channel is now live!Diablo III2010-08-251.99
Bonus Bonus XP Weekend!EverQuest II2008-07-011.98
Check Out The Official Cataclysm Trailer, WebsiteWorld of Warcraft2009-08-211.97
Official Release of Allods Online Coming Soon!Allods Online2011-03-081.96
SOE Podcast #46 Now AvailableGeneral News2008-09-181.96
August Screenshot Caption Contest Results!TERA2010-08-181.96
SOE Official Podcast #85 is LiveGeneral News2010-05-101.95
Official IRC for Rubi-KaAnarchy Online2002-01-111.95
War of Words: Truth or Rumor?Anarchy Online2002-01-221.94
A Few Items of InterestStar Wars Galaxies2003-07-191.94
Vegas Fan Faire is OfficialEverQuest2004-02-121.93
RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #5 January 23, 2013RIFT2013-01-221.92
Official "Vision of Abyssea" Website Now Live!Final Fantasy XI2010-05-171.92
Major League Gaming adds World of Warcraft CircuitGeneral News2008-05-061.90
Vindictus Launches Official WebsiteVindictus2010-04-281.90
Aion's Lunar New Year 2011 ContestAion2011-01-171.89
Combat Arms ReleasedCombat Arms2008-07-101.88
Runes of Magic: Beta Registration and More!Runes of Magic2008-07-101.88
Official ThreadsDark Age of Camelot2002-01-181.88
Official FFXIV Forums Goes into Full ServiceFinal Fantasy XIV2011-08-171.88
5 New Champions Screenshots Showcase Action ScenesChampions Online2009-05-281.88
FFXIV ARR Official Site UpdatedFinal Fantasy XIV2013-04-181.87
Maintenance Notice: EQ2 GuildsEverQuest II2007-04-191.87
Official Roundtable ReleaseDark Age of Camelot2006-07-061.87
FFXIV Live Action CommercialFinal Fantasy XIV2010-09-161.87
'Like' Warhammer Online and Save Money!Warhammer Online2011-03-081.86
Wonderland Mother's Day and Photo Op EventsWonderland Online2008-05-081.86
The official launch of Dungeon Fighter Online!Dungeon Fighter2010-06-091.85
New official forums coming for AionAion2010-03-291.85
Update NotesStar Wars Galaxies2004-07-201.84
Trion Hosts Rift Halloween Costume ContestRIFT2011-10-241.84
In-Game Bonus Item Trial EventFinal Fantasy XIV2010-09-151.84
"A Moogle Kupo d'Etat" Trailer Goes Live!Final Fantasy XI2009-07-101.83
Masthead to visit GDC 2009General News2009-03-071.83
Rift NA Shard Downtime December 12RIFT2011-12-121.83
Vanguard Starts ”It Takes Two” ContestVanguard Saga of Heroes2009-01-291.83
AO Daily UpdateAnarchy Online2001-09-041.82
DCUO to Launch Worldwide on January 11, 2011DC Universe Online2010-12-211.82
Evening UpdateGeneral News2006-07-011.81
FINAL FANTASY XI Xbox 360 Free Beta in Stores Now!Final Fantasy XI2006-01-171.81
Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta DelayedFinal Fantasy XIV2010-08-311.81
EVE Online Announces Fanfest 2011EVE Online2010-11-091.80
Official SOE Podcast Celebrates 100th EpisodeGeneral News2010-12-221.80
Official Forums Open for Warrior EpicWarrior Epic2007-12-281.78
Zork Returns to Your BrowserGeneral News2009-01-151.78
EverQuest ZAM Users Vote "Progression Server"EverQuest2009-03-261.78
Lineage Costume Party to Kick Off on Oct. 28Lineage2009-10-081.78
SOE Services Maintenance – Wed, Feb 25thGeneral News2009-02-241.78
Official FINAL FANTASY XI Forums Launch!Final Fantasy XI2011-03-081.78
Square Enix Official FFXIV Fan Site KitFinal Fantasy XIV2010-08-091.77
Official Travel GuideStar Wars Galaxies2003-08-181.77
Evening UpdateGeneral News2006-06-191.77
Free Realms on Facebook!Free Realms2009-05-011.77
The FINAL FANTASY XI Channel Debuts!Final Fantasy XI2011-10-181.76
Official launch of BMCGeneral News2008-05-071.76
Beta 3 StartsDark Age of Camelot2003-09-261.76
Warhammer Online Goes to RussiaWarhammer Online2009-01-141.75
Grand Companies of Eorzea Page Updated! (05/18)Final Fantasy XIV2011-05-181.75
RIFT 2.1 Hotfix #2 DowntimeRIFT2013-01-081.75
ZAM and EME launch the official TERA Fansite Kit!TERA2012-06-271.75
FFXIV Revised Open Beta Testing Dates!Final Fantasy XIV2010-09-011.75
Fun Friday at the EQII Forums and Players WebsitesEverQuest II2007-04-061.75
WWI and BlizzCon Beta Codes Confirmed for WotLKWorld of Warcraft2008-07-231.75
New PTR Character Copy Activation Was Not IntendedWorld of Warcraft2009-02-201.74
Official SOE Podcast #73 is LiveGeneral News2009-10-261.74
First Dragon Age Expansion Coming March 16Dragon Age: Origins2010-01-051.74
"A Shantotto Ascension" Trailer Goes Live!Final Fantasy XI2009-09-241.74
Zu Online Alpha Test is Here -- Alpha Client is Available NowZu Online2007-10-261.73
Rift Server Downtime at NoonRIFT2012-05-031.73
NA Region Restart - 3:00am PDT 6/8/12RIFT2012-06-081.73
Publish 10 Release Date AnnouncedStar Wars Galaxies2004-08-241.72