April 25Final Fantasy XI2008-04-264.94
October 15, 2008EverQuest II2008-10-154.92
January 29Final Fantasy XI2008-01-294.41
June 19Final Fantasy XI2007-06-204.38
July 2Final Fantasy XI2007-07-033.91
New 'Water Dragon' Dungeon Coming Next WeekRunes of Magic2009-10-023.83
Abyssal Maw Information Added to Cataclysm SiteWorld of Warcraft2009-09-153.82
More Elemental Shaman Changes May Buff DamageWorld of Warcraft2008-12-133.78
TemporaryDark Age of Camelot2003-10-313.74
Elemental Invasion Has Begun in World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft2010-11-013.70
February 5, 2014EverQuest2014-02-053.64
Final Phase of the Elemental Invasion BeginsWorld of Warcraft2010-11-153.57
January 19, 2015EverQuest2015-01-193.48
February 16, 2011EverQuest2011-02-163.47
Update Notes: Tuesday October 2, 2018EverQuest II2018-10-023.36
Elemental Shamans to Get DPS IncreaseWorld of Warcraft2009-05-133.19
Champions Online Team Releases Two New TrailersChampions Online2009-07-283.18
June 27, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-06-273.16
Downtime - Wednesday, April 10, 2013EverQuest II2013-04-093.13
Elemental Shaman 2-Piece Tier 10 Bonus is BuggedWorld of Warcraft2010-01-043.11
Downtime - Tuesday, October 14, 2014EverQuest II2014-10-143.02
Monday September 15, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-09-153.02
October 29, 2014EverQuest2014-10-293.02
Friday, January the 21st 2011Lord of the Rings Online2011-01-213.00
The Grab Bag!Dark Age of Camelot2004-02-093.00
June 11, 2008EverQuest2008-06-112.95
Thursday March 26, 2009Dark Age of Camelot2009-03-262.93
June 13, 2013EverQuest2013-06-132.91
May 14, 2013EverQuest2013-05-142.90
Tuesday, June the 21st, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2011-06-212.86
Sunday December 23, 2007Dark Age of Camelot2007-12-232.86
Planar War: The Lore of RIFT 2.4RIFT2013-09-092.85
Wednesday, June the 17th, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-06-172.84
Notorious Monsters - Drake's Misfortune (12/08)Final Fantasy XIV2010-12-082.82
May 6, 2015EverQuest2015-05-062.77
G4's 1st Look at the Plane of Water and Iron PineRIFT2010-10-182.77
September 12, 2008EverQuest2008-09-122.75
Underfoot: Unfolding the Lore - Brell's TempleEverQuest2010-01-112.72
June 28, 2007EverQuest2007-06-282.70
Job Adjustments: Black MageFinal Fantasy XI2012-03-072.69
April 27, 2007EverQuest II2007-04-272.69
Thursday, June the 9th 2010Lord of the Rings Online2011-06-092.68
September 28, 2011EverQuest2011-09-282.66
New Patch NotesEverquest Online Adventures2003-11-062.64
Firefall: Update 1.1 - Elemental DestructionFirefall2014-09-162.63
Thursday November 5, 2009Dark Age of Camelot2009-11-052.63
Downtime - October 18, 2011EverQuest II2011-10-172.61
Square Enix Takes Action, ApologizesFinal Fantasy XI2009-04-232.60
Patch Notes - September 27, 2006EverQuest2006-09-272.56
March 3, 2010EverQuest2010-03-032.56
Test Update 1.3's World Event on the PTSRIFT2011-06-012.56
April 2, 2009EverQuest II2009-04-022.55
1.80ADark Age of Camelot2005-09-142.54
July 20, 2012EverQuest2012-07-202.54
Monday March 8, 2010Dark Age of Camelot2010-03-092.54
New Items and Quests for Jan. 20thEverquest Online Adventures2004-01-202.53
May 8, 2009EverQuest2009-05-082.53
Moonlight Enchantments Start Tonight!EverQuest II2013-04-192.51
Elemental Shamans to Undergo Some Damage ScalingWorld of Warcraft2008-11-262.50
Sunday August 8, 2010Dark Age of Camelot2010-08-082.49
Rappelz Launches In Turkey With In-Game EventsRappelz2009-07-072.48
The End of the World (of Warcraft)World of Warcraft2010-11-162.48
Downtime - May 17, 2012EverQuest II2012-05-162.47
Changes from Alpha to BetaFinal Fantasy XIV2010-06-232.47
EQ Updates, December 30th 2015EverQuest2015-12-302.47
Downtime - Tuesday, April 14, 2015EverQuest II2015-04-132.46
April 26, 2007EverQuest II2007-04-262.45
ToA Movie and StuffDark Age of Camelot2003-10-062.45
Version Update - Sept. 28Final Fantasy XIV2010-09-282.45
We Dream of GenieGeneral News2009-05-142.44
August 5, 2015EverQuest2015-08-052.43
November 29, 2007EverQuest2007-11-292.43
EQ Update #88EverQuest2016-08-142.41
Monday, July the 18th, 2011Lord of the Rings Online2011-07-182.41
Harvest Hot Fix & Blood in the Water Quest ChangeDark Age of Camelot2009-09-162.41
Updates for June 18thFinal Fantasy XI2004-06-182.40
December 9, 2014EverQuest2014-12-092.40
Update Notes: Tuesday November 13, 2018EverQuest II2018-11-132.39
Tuesday May 29, 2007Dark Age of Camelot2007-05-292.39
RIFT 1.6.1 Hotfix #2RIFT2011-12-192.39
Update on WoW Server StatusWorld of Warcraft2004-09-182.37
EQ Update #84EverQuest2017-03-302.37
Monday July 11, 2005Dark Age of Camelot2005-07-112.34
January 27th UpdateEverQuest II2005-01-272.33
Thursday, May the 10th, 2012Lord of the Rings Online2012-05-102.33
A Bazaar BugEverQuest2007-12-172.32
Monday April 28, 2008Dark Age of Camelot2008-04-282.32
February 20Final Fantasy XI2008-02-212.30
June 16 UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2005-06-162.28
DDO Update 6: The Red Fens Releases today!Dungeons & Dragons Online2010-08-192.27
EQ Updates, November 5th, 2015EverQuest2015-11-052.27
Downtime - Tuesday August 19, 2014EverQuest II2014-08-182.27
EQ Update #144EverQuest2016-10-232.27
Final Fantasy XI Test Server Updated!Final Fantasy XI2013-06-072.26
July 27, 2007EverQuest2007-07-272.26
January 19, 2011EverQuest2011-01-192.26
Wednesday August 13, 2008Dark Age of Camelot2008-08-132.26
Stack Size AdjustmentsFinal Fantasy XI2011-09-092.25
June 19, 2007EverQuest2007-06-192.24
Final Fantasy XI Test Server Updated!Final Fantasy XI2013-05-312.24