June 27, 2004Star Wars Galaxies2004-06-274.48
June 25, 2004Star Wars Galaxies2004-06-254.02
Monday, October the 4th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-10-044.00
New Year Rivalry: Moogles vs. Goblins?!Final Fantasy XI2004-12-263.92
Hot Fix Reverted, Just FYIDark Age of Camelot2004-01-063.80
February 21Final Fantasy XI2007-02-213.73
August 20, 2004Star Wars Galaxies2004-08-203.60
Friday, October the 1st, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-10-013.51
Important, Yet Very Temporary, Hot FixDark Age of Camelot2004-01-093.51
1.68G on PendragonDark Age of Camelot2004-02-173.47
Hot FixDark Age of Camelot2007-09-123.46
1.91a is Now on PendragonDark Age of Camelot2007-10-043.46
Allakhazam Updates for August 23Final Fantasy XI2005-08-233.36
March 25 UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-03-253.02
October 8Final Fantasy XI2007-10-092.97
Update Notes: Thursday September 14, 2017EverQuest II2017-09-132.93
1.80CDark Age of Camelot2005-09-202.91
The Mountain Archetype comes to Champions OnlineChampions Online2012-01-202.81
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Secret World Reveals the Accursed WoodsThe Secret World2011-06-082.70
July 07, 2004Star Wars Galaxies2004-07-072.52
H: Three More Notes to PendragonDark Age of Camelot2004-01-082.51
Monday, June the 22nd, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-06-222.47
Ghostcrawler: Team May Change Haste for DoT, HoTsWorld of Warcraft2009-10-072.46
1.68D on PendragonDark Age of Camelot2004-02-092.43
World of Tanks: Life Ox Map Coming in Early 2012World of Tanks2011-10-062.40
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February 26Final Fantasy XI2007-02-262.21
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Thursday June 19, 2008Dark Age of Camelot2008-06-192.16
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August 12, 2008EverQuest II2008-08-122.07
On Pendragon SoonDark Age of Camelot2004-01-072.05
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EQ Update #188EverQuest2017-07-171.99
November 20th Update.Final Fantasy XI2003-11-201.98
January 27th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-01-271.97
Item and Quest Updates for July 7Everquest Online Adventures2003-07-071.92
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March 03, 2005World of Warcraft2005-03-031.91
Friday, June the 6th, 2008Lord of the Rings Online2008-06-061.90
Update Notes: Tuesday August 1, 2017EverQuest II2017-07-311.89
Update Notes: Thursday August 17, 2017EverQuest II2017-08-161.88
1.99f Now On Pendragon Dark Age of Camelot2009-10-221.83
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Friday December 4, 2009Dark Age of Camelot2009-12-051.77
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MLG Anaheim hosts over 21,000 spectatorsGeneral News2013-07-011.70
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Wednesday, March the 24th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-03-241.67
August 17, 2009EverQuest2009-08-171.65
October 16Final Fantasy XI2006-10-161.64
Monday, September the 10th, 2012Lord of the Rings Online2012-09-101.62
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23 FebruaryFinal Fantasy XI2007-02-221.60
December 9th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2003-12-091.59
June 1st UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-06-011.58
June 26, 2010Final Fantasy XI2010-06-271.57
Friday, August the 14th, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-08-141.56
EQ Update #98EverQuest2017-04-131.55
Update Notes: Tuesday May 31, 2017EverQuest II2017-05-301.55
April 1, 2009EverQuest2009-04-011.54
Update Notes: Tuesday July 3, 2018EverQuest II2018-07-021.54
Monday, May the 9th 2011Lord of the Rings Online2011-05-091.53
EQ Update #21EverQuest2018-02-011.49
Thursday May 31, 2007Dark Age of Camelot2007-05-311.47
Update Notes: Tuesday February 27, 2018EverQuest II2018-02-261.46
Wednesday March 11, 2009Dark Age of Camelot2009-03-111.45
Friday, July the 23rd, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-07-231.45
Pendragon Is Up!Dark Age of Camelot2007-05-171.44
Friday the 13th, June 2008Lord of the Rings Online2008-06-131.44
WoW Servers Keep RestartingWorld of Warcraft2010-03-271.43
July 9, 2007EverQuest2007-07-091.42
Friday, September the 23rd, 2011Lord of the Rings Online2011-09-231.41
1.66eDark Age of Camelot2003-11-061.40
January 30, 2012EverQuest2012-01-301.38
August 6, 2012EverQuest2012-08-061.36
EVE Web Sites to Undergo ChangesEVE Online2009-02-021.35
Live: Doubled ML Experience RewardsDark Age of Camelot2004-01-131.33
Thursday January 3, 2008Dark Age of Camelot2008-01-031.31
January 26th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-01-261.31
1.93c is Now on PendragonDark Age of Camelot2008-03-131.31
January 20Final Fantasy XI2007-01-191.31
1.90i is Now on PendragonDark Age of Camelot2007-08-301.31
EQ Update #33EverQuest2018-02-191.30
Wednesday, December the 28th, 2011Lord of the Rings Online2011-12-281.29
Monday January 5, 2009Dark Age of Camelot2009-01-051.28
1.81DDark Age of Camelot2005-12-021.27
Introducing Settlements (07/19/2011)Final Fantasy XIV2011-07-191.26
Tuesday, June the 10th, 2008Lord of the Rings Online2008-06-101.25
Thursday March 18, 2010Dark Age of Camelot2010-03-191.25
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Friday, January the 13th, 2012Lord of the Rings Online2012-01-131.24
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