EQ Update #24EverQuest2019-10-08437.19
Monday October 31, 2005Dark Age of Camelot2005-10-31124.03
EQ Update #98EverQuest2017-04-1399.60
April 19, 2005World of Warcraft2005-04-1992.09
EQ Update #9 & Holiday Bonuses!EverQuest2020-07-0191.15
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EQ Update #51 Part 2EverQuest2016-07-0278.93
January 11, 2013EverQuest2013-01-1177.07
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The July Version Update Has Arrived!Final Fantasy XI2013-07-0864.89
EQ Update #21EverQuest2018-02-0161.44
Thursday July 29, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-07-2959.52
July 2Final Fantasy XI2007-07-0358.87
January 8, 2008EverQuest2008-01-0854.40
January 20, 2012EverQuest2012-01-2154.40
November 19, 2007EverQuest2007-11-1952.04
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April 25Final Fantasy XI2008-04-2638.19
September 23rd UpdateWorld of Warcraft2004-09-2336.78
February 20Final Fantasy XI2008-02-2136.66
January 16, 2008EverQuest2008-01-1635.42
Fabled Planes of Power Lore Parts 18-22EverQuest2008-04-1735.38
February 11, 2011EverQuest2011-02-1233.83
Friday, March the 2nd 2012Lord of the Rings Online2012-03-0233.83
World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.6 Official NotesWorld of Warcraft2011-02-0833.47
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January 7, 2008EverQuest2008-01-0732.10
Cataclysm Class Changes: A Comprehensive LookWorld of Warcraft2010-04-2031.88
PTR 3.0.2 availableWorld of Warcraft2008-09-1431.82
January 27, 2012EverQuest2012-01-2731.73
Synergy is Here!Final Fantasy XI2009-12-0731.40
Overall Battle System Adjustments for the FutureFinal Fantasy XI2013-01-1131.10
November 9, 2007EverQuest2007-11-0930.84
April 17, 2012EverQuest2012-04-1730.36
EQ Update #164EverQuest2017-06-1930.23
September 8, 2010EverQuest2010-09-0830.07
June 3, 2013EverQuest2013-06-0330.07
December 7, 2011EverQuest2011-12-0728.94
January 6, 2012EverQuest2012-01-0628.85
April 25, 2012EverQuest2012-04-2528.72
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Friday May 19, 2006Dark Age of Camelot2006-05-1928.19
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January 2, 2009EverQuest2009-01-0227.20
April 5, 2011EverQuest2011-04-0527.20
Wrath of the Lich King: Beta Patch NotesWorld of Warcraft2008-07-1727.05
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November 12th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2003-11-1226.31
December 23rd UpdateWorld of Warcraft2004-12-2325.80
August 20th UpdateWorld of Warcraft2004-08-2024.93
Friday July 30, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-07-3024.74
Friday, March the 9th 2012Lord of the Rings Online2012-03-0924.43
EQ Update #188EverQuest2017-07-1724.43
August 20, 2006World of Warcraft2006-08-2024.14
July 10, 2007World of Warcraft2007-07-1024.14
Blizzard begins posting Cataclysm Class PreviewsWorld of Warcraft2010-04-0723.87
November 10, 2004World of Warcraft2004-11-1023.84
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Wednesday July12, 2006Dark Age of Camelot2006-07-1222.55
March 5th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-03-0522.33
November 13, 2006World of Warcraft2006-11-1222.26
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January 9th UpdateWorld of Warcraft2005-01-0921.10
January 30, 2005World of Warcraft2005-01-3020.75
World of Warcraft Client Patch 2.0.3World of Warcraft2007-01-0920.75
December 27, 2004World of Warcraft2004-12-2720.68
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October 6, 2006World of Warcraft2006-10-0618.79
December 22, 2014EverQuest2014-12-2218.79
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November 08, 2004World of Warcraft2004-11-0818.34
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1.46 is Live!Dark Age of Camelot2002-02-2118.13