November 29Final Fantasy XI2006-11-293.78
September 1st UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-09-013.58
January 30th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-01-303.23
December 1st UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2003-12-013.22
Updates for December 6thFinal Fantasy XI2005-12-063.06
Late Sataruday UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-02-212.97
Updates for Nov. 2ndFinal Fantasy XI2004-11-022.90
November 19th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2003-11-192.75
August 24, 2007EverQuest II2007-08-242.72
February 2nd UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-02-022.69
Asheron's Call 2 Graphics and MoviesGeneral2002-05-292.54
Mark Jacobs Banishes Gold FarmersWarhammer Online2008-10-072.51
August 7, 2014EverQuest2014-08-072.51
Updates for June 29thFinal Fantasy XI2004-06-292.49
February 5, 2008EverQuest II2008-03-052.45
Downtime Planned for Hardware UpgradeEVE Online2009-02-162.31
Tuesday, July the 7th, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-07-072.23
December 8th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2003-12-082.20
August 29Final Fantasy XI2006-08-292.16
February 3rd UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-02-032.14
November 22 UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-11-222.11
September 16Final Fantasy XI2006-09-162.05
December 6Final Fantasy XI2006-12-062.02
September 9 UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-09-091.95
Version Update PlannedFinal Fantasy XI2007-09-061.94
March 3rd UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-03-031.90
November 13th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2003-11-131.86
February 11Final Fantasy XI2008-02-111.85
February 06Final Fantasy XI2008-02-051.83
January 12 con'tFinal Fantasy XI2008-01-121.81
January 26Final Fantasy XI2008-01-251.78
July 26Final Fantasy XI2007-07-261.71
December 11Final Fantasy XI2006-12-121.68
February 15Final Fantasy XI2008-02-161.63
September 10, 2010EverQuest2010-09-101.61
Monday, January the 4th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-01-041.61
Updates for Feb. 28thFinal Fantasy XI2005-02-281.61
Update: October the 22ndStar Wars Galaxies2005-10-221.57
July 29Final Fantasy XI2006-07-291.56
November 06, 2003Star Wars Galaxies2003-11-061.54
Wednesday January 24, 2007Dark Age of Camelot2007-01-241.54
Thursday, July the 1st, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-07-011.49
January 16th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-01-161.49
August 30Final Fantasy XI2006-08-291.49
March 10 UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-03-101.48
Friday, October the 9th, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-10-091.48
November 16Final Fantasy XI2006-11-161.48
March 14, 2008EverQuest II2008-03-141.43
November 10th UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2003-11-101.43
December 13Final Fantasy XI2008-12-141.42
Tuesday, October the 6th, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-10-061.38
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September 15Final Fantasy XI2007-09-161.35
Updates for July 1stFinal Fantasy XI2004-07-011.33
October 24Final Fantasy XI2006-10-241.31
Monday, June the 29th, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-06-291.29
September 19Final Fantasy XI2007-09-181.28
Friday, May the 13th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2011-05-131.23
Melvien's Personal Reflections: Curses on HighFinal Fantasy XI2013-10-031.22
Monday, June the 28th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-06-281.19
January 20Final Fantasy XI2008-01-201.17
Tuesday, July the 27th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-07-271.16
December 14Final Fantasy XI2008-12-151.15
Tuesday July 5, 2005Dark Age of Camelot2005-07-051.15
March 7 UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2005-03-071.15
June 28, 2012EverQuest2012-06-281.12
Monday June 21, 2010Dark Age of Camelot2010-06-211.11
February 12th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-02-121.10
November 5, 2007EverQuest2007-11-051.08
Thursday, July the 8th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-07-081.05
March 27, 2008EverQuest II2008-03-271.03
March 28, 2008EverQuest II2008-03-281.02
February 23 UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-02-231.02
February 27th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-02-271.01
June 13, 2014EverQuest2014-06-130.96
Monday July 12, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-07-120.90
Tuesday, June the 29th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-06-290.89
February 25th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-02-250.89
October 3Final Fantasy XI2007-10-040.87
Tuesday, July the 6th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-07-060.85
February 19th UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-02-190.81
December 12th UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2003-12-120.79
Thursday, June the 17th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-06-170.77
EverQuest II Lore: Vishra's LetterEverQuest II2013-07-160.76
December 24, 2009EverQuest2009-12-240.75
March 16 UpdatesFinal Fantasy XI2004-03-160.69
March 15 UpdateFinal Fantasy XI2004-03-150.65
January 29, 2011EverQuest2011-01-290.60
Fabled Planes of Power Lore, Part 14EverQuest2008-04-090.59
April 18, 2013EverQuest2013-04-180.56
December 9, 2009 (Part 2)EverQuest2009-12-090.52
November 3, 2014EverQuest2014-11-030.46
FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Feb. 23)Final Fantasy XI2005-02-230.38
June Version Update is Freed from its Shackles!Final Fantasy XI2014-06-170.35
The Version Update Has Arrived!Final Fantasy XI2010-06-210.32
A new version update has landed on the peaks!Final Fantasy XI2014-05-140.32
Today's Patch Fixes Bugs, Adds New Encounter AreasFallen Earth2009-11-040.30
November 1, 2014EverQuest2014-11-010.28
Fabled Planes of Power Lore Parts 18-22EverQuest2008-04-170.24