Friday December 28, 2007Dark Age of Camelot2007-12-28160.97
Wednesday December 10, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-12-10143.56
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Thursday June 9, 2005Dark Age of Camelot2005-06-09143.15
Wednesday June 2, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-06-02139.44
Monday February 16, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-02-16133.83
Tuesday November 4, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-11-04130.99
PTR 3.0.2 availableWorld of Warcraft2008-09-14126.03
Friday January 2, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-01-02120.22
Friday August 29, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-08-29119.06
August 7, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-08-07117.78
Tuesday October 28, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-10-28116.80
Friday October 3, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-10-03110.39
June 20, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-06-20109.50
Monday January 26, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-01-2692.68
Tuesday March 9, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-03-0980.35
Tuesday May 11, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-05-1175.43
April 25, 2008EverQuest II2008-04-2574.55
May 13, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-05-1374.30
Game Update #37, July 31st, 2007EverQuest II2007-07-3169.72
May 12, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-05-1265.93
July 2, 2007EverQuest II2007-07-0262.31
Wrath of the Lich King: Beta Patch NotesWorld of Warcraft2008-07-1756.16
Runes of Magic PreviewRunes of Magic2009-03-1851.37
Short Character Update: August the 13thStar Wars Galaxies2005-08-1350.35
Wednesday, March the 30th 2011Lord of the Rings Online2011-03-3049.20
March 02, 2007EverQuest II2007-03-0247.27
Thursday September 4, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-09-0447.23
Short Character Update: August the 9thStar Wars Galaxies2005-08-0946.48
Friday, October the 2nd, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-10-0246.48
March 28, 2007Lord of the Rings Online2007-03-2845.93
Tuesday September 30, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-09-3044.78
Tuesday March 16, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-03-1644.78
July 8th UpdateWorld of Warcraft2004-07-0844.01
Monday December 29, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-12-2943.80
Tuesday January 27, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-01-2743.80
Tuesday April 27, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-04-2743.80
Wednesday February 29, 2012Dark Age of Camelot2012-02-2943.80
March 29, 2007Lord of the Rings Online2007-03-2943.49
Monday, January 7th, 2008Lord of the Rings Online2008-01-0742.78
Monday, February the 14th 2011Lord of the Rings Online2011-02-1442.61
December 06, 2006World of Warcraft2006-12-0640.95
December 7, 2006World of Warcraft2006-12-0740.95
Saturday, January the 22nd 2011Lord of the Rings Online2011-01-2240.67
April 17, 2012EverQuest2012-04-1739.96
June 30, 2007World of Warcraft2007-06-3039.50
December 23rd UpdateWorld of Warcraft2004-12-2338.90
Short Character Update: August the 1stStar Wars Galaxies2005-08-0138.73
Short Character Update: August the 2ndStar Wars Galaxies2005-08-0238.73
Short Character Update: August the 27thStar Wars Galaxies2005-08-2738.73
Friday, May the 7th, 2010Lord of the Rings Online2010-05-0738.73
Rift 1.6 - Patch NotesRIFT2011-11-1638.73
Thursday December 1, 2005Dark Age of Camelot2005-12-0138.47
Test Realm is Live; 3.1.0 Patch Notes AvailableWorld of Warcraft2009-02-2438.38
EQ Update #1EverQuest2020-01-0237.99
December 20th, 2007Lord of the Rings Online2007-12-2037.93
May 06, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-05-0637.87
Wednesday September 10, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-09-1037.39
1.92a is Now on PendragonDark Age of Camelot2007-11-2937.39
Welcome to 1.92Dark Age of Camelot2008-02-2737.39
8/17 Patch NotesWorld of Warcraft2004-08-1837.33
Welcome 1.91Dark Age of Camelot2007-11-2837.33
Fallen Earth Patch Improves Graphics EngineFallen Earth2010-01-0736.80
Patch 1.1.0 Introduces Optional Tutorial ExtensionFallen Earth2009-10-2135.84
July 17, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-07-1735.42
Thursday, July the 23rd, 2009Lord of the Rings Online2009-07-2334.86
Friday, May the 16th, 2008Lord of the Rings Online2008-05-1634.82
1.9 Patch NotesWorld of Warcraft2006-01-0334.74
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Tuesday April 22, 2008Dark Age of Camelot2008-04-2234.44
Downtime - February 26, 2013EverQuest II2013-02-2534.31
Thursday, October 11th, 2007Lord of the Rings Online2007-10-1133.65
May 15, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-05-1533.45
July 24, 2008EverQuest II2008-07-2433.14
August 20th UpdateWorld of Warcraft2004-08-2032.62
mAY 8, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-05-0832.47
Wednesday October 01, 2003Dark Age of Camelot2003-10-0132.47
Tuesday, January 8th, 2008Lord of the Rings Online2008-01-0832.47
Downtime - Wednesday, September 23, 2015EverQuest2015-09-2232.26
January 18th UpdateWorld of Warcraft2005-01-1932.17
October 01, 2004World of Warcraft2004-10-0131.95
June 13, 2006World of Warcraft2006-06-1331.82
July 19, 2007World of Warcraft2007-07-1931.74
World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.6 Official NotesWorld of Warcraft2011-02-0830.85
3.3 Patch Notes!World of Warcraft2009-12-0830.64
November 30, 2006World of Warcraft2006-11-3030.51
May 15, 2008 - Part IEverQuest II2008-05-1530.50
March 10, 2007World of Warcraft2007-03-1030.37
Everquest September Update PatchEverQuest2016-09-2130.29
September 23rd UpdateWorld of Warcraft2004-09-2330.21
January 19, 2005World of Warcraft2005-01-1928.73
October 26, 2008EverQuest2008-10-2628.53
August 10, 2007World of Warcraft2007-08-1028.41
Tech Help FAQEverQuest2002-02-0628.25
Everquest 2 Beta Signup is May 3rdEverQuest2004-04-2628.25
The Sims 4: Launch Trailer & System RequirementsThe Sims 42014-08-2628.25
August 18, 2007World of Warcraft2007-08-1827.94
Friday July 30, 2004Dark Age of Camelot2004-07-3027.55
WoW does 1.10World of Warcraft2006-03-2827.40
Short Character Update: August the 12thStar Wars Galaxies2005-08-1127.11