PAX East: ZAM Article Recap

ZAM had a great time at PAX East, and now that we've wrapped up all our content, we got a full article recap for you. We went hands-on, snagged some interviews, took a lot of pictures and jotted down some big announcements.

World of Tanks: Generals - PAX East Recap

PAX East was an eventful weekend, and while there we caught up with Wargaming to get a look at how their collectible card game (CCG), World of Tanks: Generals, is shaping up.

This upcoming free-to-play title brings World War II warfare to the turn-based card gaming world. Just entering closed beta last week, the PC version of the game is completely browser-based, working best on Chrome but also supported by Firefox, Opera 15 and IE9 or higher. Wargaming anticipates the mobile version to also be available in 2015, which looked pretty solid when they showed off a tablet demo.

World of Tanks Dev Diary: Physics

Wargaming was released its first World of Tanks developer diary of 2014, focusing on the subject of physics. Topics include the focus on creating realistic destructible buildings, accurate movement of objects and vehicle suspension on the tanks, multi-core support and more.

World of Warplanes Released

Wargaming, the same folks that brought us the ubiquitous World of Tanks, has released the second of their "World of" trio with World of Warplanes. This is the perfect game for those of you thinking "Gee, World of Tanks is neat, but I wish these tanks could fly!"

World of Tanks: Update 8.8

Wargaming announced earlier today that the release of its World of Tanks Update 8.8 will be released on the 11th for EU, 12th for NA, and the 16th and 18th for Korea and APAC respectively. The free-to-play action MMO will receive a new battle arena, as well as:

  • Soviet medium tanks that range from Tier 6 through Tier 8
  • Object 140, which will join the ranking as the nation’s other top medium tier choice
  • Updates to the German tech tree including the debut of the Tier 4 DW heavy chariot and Tier 6 VK3002 (M) medium tank
  • Transformation of VK3001H and VK3601H into heavy tanks
  • Two Chinese premiums: the Tier 8 T-34-3 medium tank and the 112 Tier 8 heavy tank

Join in the World of Tanks today and work with your team to victory! (Europe) (North America) (Korea) (APAC)

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World of Tanks: Item Pack Giveaway


The recent big additions to World of Tanks--in Update 8.6--have brought even more ways to deal wanton destruction in the hugely successful, action strategy game.

As a reminder of what has arrived, check out the video below.

World of Tanks: 8.6 Launch and Livestream


Wargaming is so happy with the launch of World of Tanks Update 8.6 it is hosting a special livestream today on its Twitch channel to cover the many new additions.

From 4:00pm PST today (June 25), producer Josh "Jinxx" Morris, community manager Major Rampage and PR coordinator Jamie King will guide viewers through the nine new Self-Propelled Gun vehicles, the A33 Excelsior, new camo patterns for various tanks and the brand new map, Sacred Valley.

E3 2013: World of Tanks


When World of Tanks was announced as an XBOX One exclusive last week, it certainly made sense that the hugely successful vehicle shooter was moving to console.

With World of Tanks: Blitz already in production for the iPad, Wargaming's commitment to expanding their stable of titles across platforms makes the more to console a no-brainer.

World of Tanks Comes To The Xbox 360

Soon players will be able to experience team-based tactical warfare, the roaring of tanks, and the blasting of cannons right from a console. As announced at E3 this year the 60-million player PC sensation, World of Tanks, is now paving its way to Xbox 360 consoles this summer. It's time to Roll out!

World of Tanks: Onwards and Upwards


Somewhere, over the dull roar of engines and the grinding of metal, the sound of celebration can be heard in a Wargaming studio--one of the growing number--as World of Tanks smashes another record.

As announced in a press release today, WoT has passed 60 million registered users; which, I'm sure you agree, is rather impressive. With a user base larger than the population of some decently-sized countries, Wargaming's team based, tactical combat game is a phenomenal success by any measure.