TERA: New Class - the Reaper

"Do you want a class that can takeout multiple enemies at once? Do you want a class that is part melee, but also mid-ranged? Do you want a class that's born from the ashes of destruction? The Reaper is what you want, providing all this and more."

Highly-mobile. Strong ranged DPS. Melee versatility. This is the new TERA class just released by En Masse Entertainment, the dark and dangerous Reaper. With 17 abilities and a compelling storyline, everyone with a level 40 character and an open character slot ought to embrace the darkness.

Tera Prepares For Its New Class: The Reaper

As En Masse Entertainment celebrates two years of TERA, it also prepares to release the game's latest class. What do you get when you combine a Ninja with a scythe-wielding nightmare? Well, you get the Reaper. This close to mid-range fighter will be making its way to the game on May 13th and she isn't looking for friends. No, this little fighter is out for revenge!

Fear the Reaper!