TERA Skyring Slam Livestream This Weekend

TERA: Rising's mega battleground tournament kicks off this weekend on the En Masse Entertainment Twitch TV channel. Watch 32 teams fight it out within the Champions' Skyring during this community fueled event!

TERA: Rising - Dungeons & Festivals for EU Players

Ah, October...the time of year for tumbling leaves and a TERA: Rising EU update.
The latest update is the Steampunk Workshop for European players, which has four dungeons, three new festivals and—as you would expect—Steampunk gear.

TERA Offers Limited Time Level Up Test Event

UPDATE: The LevelUp script is now complete!

The creators of TERA want players to enjoy all of their vast world, so for a limited time only they are offering a free and permanent level 58 character for any new or existing account. During this "Level Up Test Event", they are looking for feedback to help improve player experience in the future. Treeshark, a producer for TERA, explained the guidelines in great detail on the official forums.

TERA: Rising - Dungeon Assault

Tomorrow TERA: Rising, the free-to-play game from EnMasse Entertainment, is receiving a massive update with 4 new dungeons complete with new game modes, mechanics, epic bosses and elite gear! This update, referred to as Dungeon Assault, will add content for various party sizes and allow players to upgrade the Conjunct, Visionmaker and Bloodrave armor sets.

Tera: Rising-Alliance Game Update

War is coming to Tera and it'll be up to you and your guild-mates to decide which banner you fight for in the newest game update.

Tera:Rising-Alliance Update brings three once-peaceful factions to the brink of war over a mysterious and rare mineral known as Noctenium. And while we don't have a specific date as to when this update goes live, we do have some details on what players can expect it to bring.

Players' Pick: TERA: Rising


As part of a series of articles on newly released content from games, in Players' Picks we want to hear from you to get the full gamer's perspective. This week, we want to know what you think about Corsairs' Stronghold.

As we discussed in our interview with Patrick Sun, TERA: Rising added the Corsairs' Stronghold battleground on July 2.

The new 20 on 20 match is easily accessed by all level 30+ characters through the Battleground Matching button on the UI.

TERA: Rising Producer Interview


Corsairs’ Stronghold arrives today to herald the addition of siege battles to TERA: Rising’s PvP. The battleground will allow 20-on-20 clashes with each side taking turns to attack and defend a castle using vehicles and siege weaponry.

To find out more, I asked Patrick Sun, producer on TERA, some questions; to which he obligingly answered.

Siege Warfare Coming to TERA: Rising


Keeps are going to be attacked and walls will be breached when Corsairs' Stronghold arrives on July 2 in TERA:Rising,

This large 20 on 20 PvP battleground will feature players using various weapons and vehicles in order to attack a castle wall, while the opposition attempts to defend the keep. Having a round each, the players then switch sides and try to outperform the enemy.

The Free Agent: Episode 1 - TERA Rising

Welcome to Episode 1 of The Free Agent. If you’re just joining me and wondering what this new bi-weekly ZAM column is all about, I'd encourage you to have a read through Episode Zero. My mission, as always, is to answer the question, "Can gaming really be free?"

With that, let’s jump right into the first free-to-play title to be featured on The Free Agent, TERA Rising. Developed by Blue Hole Studios and published by En Masse Entertainment, this action/RPG hybrid MMO did away with subscription fees and went free-to-play after only 9 months on the North American market.

Like many other people I was curious about what TERA had to offer and watched it from the side lines throughout its development cycle. But, as the release date came and went, amid so many others, I found that I simply didn't have room in my life for another subscription based MMO. Sadly TERA slipped through the cracks of my gaming repertoire.

However, with the free-to-play rebranding as TERA Rising, my interest was re-ignited and I set out to explore an MMO that I had previously passed over. Was their switch to free-to-play a shallow marketing ploy to get gamers like me interested in the title again? Or does this MMO possess a depth that proves all the free-to-play critics wrong?

To find out read on, as The Free Agent takes on TERA Rising.

ZAM Weekly: The Best of the Week that Was


Two games have dominated our featured content this week, the first of them being WildStar.

Info has dripped and dribbled for the MMO from Carbine and NCSoft for a long time and while WildStar Wednesdays have consistently intrigued, there's been a palpable desire for more tangible information.

Well, the wait is over and thanks to Michael "Ragar" Branham and Gareth "Gazimoff" Harmer, ZAM has some fantastic insight into why we're excited for WildStar.