APB Reloaded Passes Three Million Users!

Exciting news for APB Reloaded fans! Following the release of APB Reloaded on Steam, the game has now surpassed an incredible three million registered users. On top of that, APB Reloaded is currently sitting at second place on Steam's "Most Popular" Free-to-Play games, coming in second only to Team Fortress 2. Seems like players are really digging this game!

Remember, you can either pick up APB Reloaded for a retail price of $29.99 to get more than $50 worth of in-game items, or you can check out the game via Steam to get going. If you're curious to see just what kind of changes GamersFirst has done with APB Reloaded since last year, be sure to check out ZAM's Exclusive Interview with the team!

A post-launch chat on the rebirth of APB Reloaded

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I'm sure everyone remembers the disastrous launch of All Points Bulletin which ultimately culminated in APB's doors shutting a mere few months later. The game itself, however, showed great promise, so when GamersFirst picked up the rights to APB and decided to relaunch it in 2011 as a free-to-play MMO under the name "APB Reloaded," I was very curious indeed. F2P models just seem to work very well with MMOFPS games, and given APB's incredible spread of player customization, a microtransaction model simply makes sense.

Of course, GamersFirst knew this when they purchased All Points Bulletin back in 2010, but instead of just "flipping" it with a sloppy F2P system, Reloaded Productions (a developer subsidiary of GamersFirst) decided to take an extra year to really notch up the quality of the game. The end result of their hard work would be APB Reloaded, and to celebrate the game's launch, ZAM Staff Writer Paul "LockColeMA" Cleveland sat down with the team to talk about what went into rebuilding this MMOFPS and what players can expect from this newly reborn MMO. He spoke to Rahul Sandil (RS), SVP of Marketing and Business and Development, Myra Widodo (MW), Producer of APB Reloaded, and Bjorn Book-Larsson (BBL), COO and CTO of GamersFirst, as well as CEO of Reloaded Productions.