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Who's someone you think deserves recognition?Follow

#52 Jun 18 2005 at 3:40 PM Rating: Good
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I would have no clue where to start... I think just about every person on this post has my vote and then some... Unfortunatly big brother has been installed at work and I can no longer post as frequent :0(

But I have not forgotten all of you and I still see many of you in Cerberus (hell most of you I see everyday in the shell ^_^ )

#53 Jun 19 2005 at 1:46 AM Rating: Decent
well, i have a lot of ppl to thank:

Chief>> my FIRST ffxi friend

Atimus>> you always kept me playing, we had our ups and downs but I REALLY gotta THANK YOU

Shearo>> may you rest in peace, i loved you like a fat boy loves cake...

Blazer>> you're my everything <3

Firemarshalbill and Kairy>> omg, this game wouldn't be so freaking fun w/o you guys!!

Pyromance>> (well he quit) I remember this guy like he was my twin ! he helped me with everything in ffxi, always was my friends, and i can't believe i lost contact with him...

Emnavaud,Auyamii,Talmor,Kyoto>> MY static party... i wouldn't be in this lvl w/o you guys keep up the slowness i need sleep =]

Vanadiel>> everyone in vanadiel all the adventures, i wont forget.

#54 Jun 19 2005 at 10:28 PM Rating: Good
Good freaking Lord, I go to WoW for a bit and everything goes to hell! I plan my return within a month. Just gotta hit 60 with my Druid and it's nonstop FFXI till I hit 75! :)

And I'm a fan of Elphy and Anime. They helped me with a lot of stuff! I've known them both in game for about 12 out of the last 15 months. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they've both quit too :(

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#55 Jun 19 2005 at 10:39 PM Rating: Decent
I think that I would have to thank a few people, good friends, but even more, great players.

Lorowen - A bard among bards. One of the best people I've ever encountered, and I always look forward to our phone talks. You are always willing to come help this poor little bard out when I need it. ^_^

Luciendar - Even though you're not on as much, until summer comes, you're still able to beat anyone at claiming any monster needed. You're always there when you're on to lend a hand. Truly my in-game bro all the way.

Rwolf - probably the biggest influence to me, at least initally, was Rwolf. He was the one who started me on this adventure of FFXI, and guided me through my first steps as a Black Mage, then as a Bard, frequently helping out whenever there was a need. I'm truly greatful.

(Everyone else that was in PhoenixWings - Kairy, Kodai, et all) - You guys rock. Enough Said. ^_^
#56 Jan 25 2015 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
nariko wrote:
well, i have a lot of ppl to thank:

Chief>> my FIRST ffxi friend

I was doing some googling because I miss my FFXI friends and this thread came up. Haha I'm sorry for breathing new life into a 10 year old thread. I wanted to say that I wish I would have gotten more time to play in the old days. I haven't really been active since 2005 when my dad took the game from me at the age of 15 for having poor grades in one subject. Turns out it was a bad teacher and my dad ruined any chance of me having a full experience in ffxi.

Nariko. You are also my very first friend in FFXI. I remember running into you for the first time in La Theine Plateau and we were both subjobless. You were a level 13 WAR and I believe I was a level 11 or 12 WHM. It must have been 2003. I Badly wish to have had more time to spend in FFXI in my teens but time can't be turned back. The adventures were awesome and the Linkshell drama was top notch, and when You, Emna, Talmor and Auyamii invited me to the static party I was so happy. I remember my WAR was hardly leveled and I was playing DRK around level 45 without a provoke to setup SATA. It annoyed Emna but he just made me cast stun instead since it had high enmity. Lol I was a scrub. I had a blast though.

I know it's a long shot but I'd like to play again in either FFXI or FFXIV:ARR. Probably nobody who cares will read this but I'm typing anyway.

I miss my FFXI friends. Nariko, Killboi, Arconis, among many others. I never really got a chance to say goodbye.

If anyone remembers me feel free to post.
I am Chief.

Edited, Jan 25th 2015 11:40am by Chief44
Necro Warning: This post occurred more than thirty days after the prior, and may be a necropost.
#57 Feb 12 2015 at 3:29 AM Rating: Decent
Right there with you Chief.

10 years later.... Man.

So for whatever reason I felt like poking around to see if any names I would recognize were discussing the old days. I didn't play FFXI very much or very long, and I doubt I'll ever return. I did want to share somewhere, with anyone I may have encountered during the year I spent exploring vana'diel, what a wonderful experience I had while I was at it. MMOs were entirely new to me at the time, and having played one or two since I can honestly say that nothing ever came close to the sense of wonder I felt while I was discovering the unique world that FFXI presented me with.

I actually met several of my best friends in part because of this game - Andrew (known as Rakumaru during his brief tenure on Cerberus) spotted my nerdy *** reading a (Prima or Brady?) guide in home room one day and said something to the effect of "Wait - like, oh my god. You play Final Fantasy? You have to join my server." So I did. He would later introduce me to Jonas (aka Toxin), and the three of us spent much of our freshman year of high school conferencing each other after school on our parents' cordless landlines while we played final fantasy together. On at least one occasion it came to light that we had all independently faked sick to stay home and play. Those were really good times. I haven't spoken to Andrew in a while - he's been busy learning every Asiatic language known to man (a pursuit for which I do believe Final Fantasy deserves some credit). Jonas and I on the other hand see each other all the time when one of us is not away at school or halfway around the world (hello from South Africa!) I'm glad to be able to call these guys my good friends, and, while it's true that the three of us would likely have seen each other almost every day during four years of high school anyway, it's Final Fantasy I have to thank for kickstarting two rewarding friendships.

That said, I want to name a few people that played on Cerberus during my short FFXI career and contributed to my enjoyment of the game:

Raku/Toxin - Naturally. Thanks for healing for me Andrew. I remember going to your house one day and you showed me the macro you had created: cast cure on Giddion > Wait 5 > cast cure II on Giddion. Etc. all so you could go make tea or hot pockets and watch tv while we adventured. you lazy WHM you. I did appreciate the confidence though. Jonas, I thought I was a pretty good tank but I'm glad I stopped playing before you achieved godlike status via your HNM linkshells. How in the world did anyone keep you alive?

Contra - never sure if you were the 13 year old schoolkid or the 30-something English (or whatever) teacher you professed to be at various times. Either way, I remember you and hope you're doing well.

Laksu - I think that's how this mnk spelled his name. You compensated for your apparent lack of English skills with a shy friendliness and lots of smileys. Good man.

Daemen/Diosa - The leaders of my linkshell, TheChosen. I saw a picture of you once Dio. You fine as hell. Just how 14 year old me hoped the female FFXI players looked like. I would soon discover that gender in Final Fantasy was less of an identity and more of a mood. Daemen - your then-girlfriend was cute. Sup. In all serious though you were both great. Friendly and helpful, just like the Linkshell as a whole.

Thelan - You were a cool guy to play with. Heard you jacked Toxin's account. If that's true, then thank you for delivering him to real life once more.

Ravencutthrote - this one is very important. I'll never forget our virtual time together - discussing movies, playing trivia, hiding from my friends. I know I left abruptly; I still feel bad about it. Despite my pretense of maturity I wasn't ready to comprehend what an adult's life might be like, and the line between role play and reality just wasn't readily apparent to me. I wish I'd reacted differently; I must have made you feel terrible. I'm so sorry. I'll always remember the warm, caring and fun personality behind the mithra. Boot to the head!

To the rest of TheChosen, and the denizens of Cerberus server - the game would be nothing without you guys. I've never been a part of any online community like the one I was fortunate enough to encounter in Vana'diel. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of it. A big thank you to each of you for making my experience so much fun.

If anyone wants to say hello then please do so. I'm also thinking of posting this on reddit just to see if I catch an old friend or two.


Giddion, Elvaan PLD/WAR. Level ??. TheChosen and LostSoulsTavern. Cerberus.

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