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I have suggestions/want to submit info

Depending on the site, the submission process differs. Please see our Staff page to determine which senior admin you would need to contact. Some of our sites now have wiki and you can add your information without having to contact an admin. Suggestions are still appreciated, and best placed in our Feedback Forum.

What games do you cover?

See the Games List page for an entire listing of games we try to cover in our news section. Each game listed has it's own wiki page and forum, feel free to drop in and say hi. For a list of those games we cover extensively, please see the front page of and mouse over the "Games" tab near the top.

Why don't you extensively cover the game I play?

There are several factors we take into account when deciding which games to cover in depth. There are times that extenuating circumstances that do not allow for us to create a site for a game.

Who do I need to harass to get my game covered?

Feel free to post in the Feedback Forum with your request and an admin will address the issue there.

How do I report an offensive comment, post or avatar?

The fastest way is on every forum post or database comment, there is a report button. Press that, enter in the reason on the pop up window and submit. You may also post on the feedback forum, however you are more likely to experience a delay in admin action for the offending item.

I have a complaint that hasn't been satisfied

Have you contacted us previously by:

  • Posting in the Feedback Forum?
  • Emailing or PM'ing the person most likely to be able assist you?
  • Emailing Darqflame, who can then forward the issue along?

Posting in miscellaneous forums will most likely not be seen by the appropriate person needed to address your issue. Be sure you are posting where you need to and contacting whom you need to. Please see our Staff page for staff listing. For example, a senior CM for a specific site quest, Kao for forums, feedback forum for item collectors and site issues.

My AV is going off.

We need to know exactly what information was displayed in that anti-virus message. There should be a log file somewhere that would indicate any possible virus variant, where it came from, what IP address it was logged from, etc. There is a good possibility that this is not related to our site. It may have just been some bot fishing for IP ranges that triggered your firewall at a coincidental time. None of the site code on our servers is compromised in any way. We have very robust anti-virus processes in play on the servers. Please read the thread in the Feedback Forum entitled Bad Ads: How to report them and follow those steps if you receive this message again.

We take all reports of virus activity very seriously, as our reputation is at stake if nothing else, so please provide any information you can give us to help us determine the root cause of the issue

Although you can acquire a virus from nearly anywhere, we try hard to keep your gaming research as safe as possible. If you come across a suspicious link on the site, DO NOT click it and contact us via the Feedback Forum for the most prompt attention. PM'ing an admin may actually increase the time it takes to notify us as all admins come and go at different times. Please do not spam or PM all our admins. Posting on the feedback forum guarantees that the next admin to stop by will be able to take action. We do not condone this type of behavior and we do ban this type of activity.

I got a pop up from your site.

First thing, run Ad-Aware Free from Lavasoft in case you have picked up a browser hijack program. We do not condone pop ups, if you see pop-ups that you are sure aren't on your machine, you need to contact us. Please see the thread on how to report them in the Feedback Forum titled Bad Ads: How to report them. Our ads are not supposed to have pop-ups/redirects of ANY kind and we don't know they are there unless someone reports them.

I got an email spam from an address.

If you receive an e-mail from (any username: kaolian, allakhazam, one of the asylum posters, etc. doesn't matter) this does not mean that that person actually sent you a virus. One feature of modern viruses, is that they can grab e-mail addresses from pretty much anywhere. For example: one infected person viewing the website, which creates temporary cache files that the virus can use, can actually be responsible for sending out viruses "from" multiple people.

There are also new sneaky viruses that can look at the e-mail address it is being sent to, and emulate it enough to send a nasty e-mail. For example, for the address, the virus is capable of generating a message like this:

"Kaolian, the Allakhazam administrators have detected illegal activity on your account, and it will be shut down immediately unless you send all your personal information and banking info to this address immediately"

Usually they are more threatening than that, but you get the idea. Sometimes these emails include an attachment, but not always. Do not ever click a link included in an email you are unsure about. Allakhazam staff members will almost never send an attachment via our allakhazam addresses, without prior notification. An example of this would be an affidavit of eligibility for a prize given via a contest.

I am getting spam/porn emails since I signed up

We do not sell our email addresses and if you are not premium, you have no email forwarding. One feature of modern viruses, is that they can grab e-mail addresses from pretty much anywhere. There are also new sneaky viruses that can look at the e-mail address it is being sent to, and emulate it enough to send a nasty e-mail.

Run Ad-Aware Free from Lavasoft in case you have picked up a browser hijack program, and run a virus scan. You will most likely find your culprit this way.

What programs do you suggest to make my Allakhazam surfing experience safer/better?

Some free programs you may want to consider using or have on hand:

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