EQ Update #34

Site Updates

In this update, more classic recipes were tagged. I worked on some of the cultural smithing recipes for Northman weapons and gear. I believe the weapons are available in classic on progression servers and then the imbued gear comes at Velious? Let me know.

Larth also worked on the Anniversary events quest page for 2018.

We'll get spells and the item collector updated soon for the patch.

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New Items: Transiting Worker Sledgemallet 

Updated Items:Cliff Stone ;  Adamantite Chain Jointing ;  Adamantite Rings ;  Folded Sheet of Adamantite ;  Sheet of Adamantite ;  Large Brick of Adamantite ;  Block of Adamantite ;  Small Brick of Adamantite ;  Imbued Northman Ring Sleeves ;  Imbued Northman Ring Mask ;  Imbued Northman Ring Mantle ;  Imbued Northman Ring Mail ;  Imbued Northman Ring Leggings ;  Imbued Northman Ring Helm ;  Imbued Northman Ring Gorget ;  Imbued Northman Ring Gauntlets ;  Imbued Northman Ring Cloak ;  Imbued Northman Ring Bracer ;  Imbued Northman Ring Boots ; Imbued Northman Ring Belt ;  Imbued Teir`Dal Chain Leggings ;  Imbued Dwarven Chain Bracelet ;  Imbued Dwarven Chain Bracelet ;  Imbued Dwarven Chain Boots ;  Imbued Dwarven Chain Boots ;  Imbued Dwarven Breastplate ;  Long Blade Mold ;  Enchanted Sheet Metal ;  Curved Blade Mold ;  Short Blade Mold ;  Pommel Mold ;  Hilt Mold ;  Dual-Edged Blade Mold ;  Small Brick of Ore ;  enc range ;  Bottle of Milk ;  Sealed Letter ;  Tattered Cloth Note 

Updated Quests: Marda's Secret Mission ;  EverQuest Anniversary Events: An Overview 

New Recipes: Large Brick of Golden High Quality Steel ;  Small Brick of Golden High Quality Steel ;  Trilion Cut Shimmering Nihilite 

Updated Recipes: Forged Bastard Sword ;  Forged Halberd ;  Forged Battle Axe ;  Forged Long Sword ;  Forged Mace ;  Forged Morning Star ;  Forged Pick ;  Forged Scimitar ;  Forged Short Sword ;  Forged Two Handed Sword ;  Forged Warhammer ;  Tarnished Bastard Sword ; Tarnished Battle Axe ;  Tarnished Broad Sword ;  Tarnished Long Sword ;  Tarnished Mace ;  Tarnished Morning Star ;  Tarnished Scimitar ;  Tarnished Scythe ;  Tarnished Short Sword ;  Tarnished Two Handed Sword ;  Tarnished Warhammer ;  Carved Elm Recurve Bow (linen) ;  Carved Elm Recurve Bow (hemp) ;  Northman Claymore ;  Northman Battle Axe ;  Northman Mace ;  Red Wine ;  Imbued Northman Long Dagger (Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Claymore (Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Claymore (Rallos Zek) ;  Imbued Northman Long Dagger (Rallos Zek) ; Blackburrow Swig ;  Imbued Northman Battle Axe (Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Battle Axe (Rallos Zek) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Belt (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Boots (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Bracer (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Cloak (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Gauntlets (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Gorget (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Helm (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Leggings (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Mail (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Mantle (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Mask (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Ring Sleeves (The Tribunal) ;  Misty Thicket Picnic ;  Adamantite Rings ;  Sheet of Adamantite ;  Large Brick of Adamantite ;  Block of Adamantite ;  Folded Sheet of Adamantite ;  Adamantite Chain Jointing;  Imbued Teir`Dal Chain Leggings ;  Forged Shan`Tok ;  Adamantite Rings ;  Sheet of Adamantite ;  Folded Sheet of Adamantite ;  Adamantite Chain Jointing ;  Koada`Dal Falchion of Tunare ;  Antonian Long Sword ;  Silvered Scimitar ;  Silvered Long Sword ;  Silvered Short Sword ; Silvered Mace ;  Silvered Battle Axe ;  Silvered Warhammer ;  Silvered Pick ;  Imbued Dwarven Chain Bracelet (Brell Serilis) ;  Imbued Dwarven Chain Boots (Brell Serilis) ;  Imbued Dwarven Breastplate ;  Imbued Dwarven Chain Bracelet (Bristlebane) ;  Imbued Dwarven Chain Boots (Bristlebane) ;  Large Brick of Adamantite ;  Block of Adamantite ;  Tarnished Axe ;  Thex Mallet ;  Tarnished Flail ;  Tarnished Two Handed Battle Axe ;  Tarnished Halberd ;  Tarnished Mining Pick ;  Tailor-made Whip ;  Tailor-made Whip ;  Trueshot Longbow ;  Imbued Northman Kite Shield (The Tribunal) ;  Imbued Northman Kite Shield (The Tribunal) ;  Peacekeeper Staff ;  Carved Elm Recurve Bow (silk) ;  Imbued Northman Mace (Rallos Zek) ;  Imbued Northman Mace (The Tribunal) ;  Carved Oak Recurve Bow (hemp) ;  Rough Darkwood Recurve Bow (hemp) ; Small Brick of Ore ;  Small Piece of Golden High Quality Steel ;  Imbued Northman Kite Shield (Rallos Zek) 

Bestiary Updates:High Arcron Zeklor ;  High Arcron Zeklor's Pet ; Lieutenant Milven


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