EQ Update #32

In this update, Bobbybick updated some Luclin NPC's and drops from them.

Drewinette also updated some items and entered in a couple new recipes along with updating some other recipes.

I'll be working on classic recipes again today.

Rswiders also patched some bugs in the item collector such as crashing while browsing merchants as a character with no items in the item recovery tab. Also fixed a bug for no items listed for sale on a merchant because you lack progression to list those items. Also some profile uploading bugs were fixed for certain servers. Let us know if you are still having issues with the Item Collector.

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Updated Items: Cold Iron Boots ;  Blackened Alloy Boots ;  Cured Panther Hide ;  Old Digger's Lantern ;  Excavation Tabulations ;  Small Brick of Refined High Quality Ore ;  Block of Refined High Quality Ore ;  Silver Steel Cloak ;  Shroud of Patience ;  Ancient: Starfire of Ro ;  Ancient: Shock of Sun ;  Ancient: Scourge of Nife ;  Ancient: Master of Death ;  Ancient: Lullaby of Shadow ;  Ancient: Lifebane ;  Ancient: Legacy of Blades ;  Ancient: Lcea's Lament ;  Ancient: High Priest's Bulwark ;  Ancient: Greater Concussion ;  Ancient: Gift of Aegolism ;  Ancient: Feral Avatar ;  Ancient: Eternal Rapture ;  Ancient: Destruction of Ice ;  Ancient: Chaotic Visions ;  Ancient: Burnout Blaze ;  Thorny Chain Helm ;  Umbracite Plate Leggings ;  Cloak of the Black Wind ;  Bracer of Black Blood ;  Crown of Energy ;  Wand of Everlasting Water ;  Mark of Shadows ;  Mask of Dark Thoughts;  Crown of Ambivalence ;  Wand of Tranquility ;  Belt of Mastery ;  Spiked Shoulderpads ;  Nightcaller Leggings ;  Mask of Piety ;  Spiked Chain Leggings ;  Shield of Energy ;  Circlet of Disguise ;  Ring of Resistance ;  Orb of Satisfaction ;  Bracelet of Darkness 

Updated Quests: Jaggedpine Druid Boots 

New Recipes: Block of Refined High Quality Ore ;  Small Brick of Refined High Quality Ore 

Updated Recipes: Black Rawhide Tunic ;  Ranthock Honey Wheat Crunch Razorgill ;  Mountain Honey Wheat Crunch Razorgill ;  Magnetic Helm (Reclaim) ;  Taelosian Honey Wheat Crunch Razorgill ;  Ethernere Arrow ;  Cloak of the Past 

Bestiary Updates: a hill giant ;  a hill giant ;  a hill giant ;  King Gragnar ;  Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra "Set" ;  Lerian Wyndrunner ;  a burynai earthstripper ;  a burynai prophet ;  Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra "Dat" ;  Battle Master Ska`tu


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