EQ Update #31

Site Updates

In this update, many more classic recipes were given an expansion tag. Some classic drops such as imbued jewelry that were tagged to not drop anymore are now to set to drop so they actually show up on the advanced item search without using the unattainable items switch. I'm still working through all the different tradeskills for classic items.

A few raid drops from Ring of Scale raids were updated as well to show which raid they came from. Some of those drops were added to the raid merchant in The Overthere.

Some of the new Iksar Heritage Crate ornamentations have been added to the item database, thanks! We'll get those tagged soon.

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New Items: Warmaker's Iksar Plate Hands OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Arms OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Legs OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Feet OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Plate Chest Ornament

Updated Items: Flame AgatePotamide PartsShadowjade HideShadowjade Fern Seeds ; Imbued Silvered Peridot RingImbued Rose QuartzImbued RubyImbued SapphireImbued Silver Sapphire NecklaceImbued Silver Ruby VeilImbued Silver Rose RingImbued Plains PebbleImbued Silver Plains RingImbued OpalImbued Silver Opal RingImbued Silver Fire RingImbued Silver Emerald RingImbued EmeraldImbued Silver Diamond RingImbued Silver Amber RingSilvered Fire Emerald RingSilver Fire Wedding RingScaleborn Shoes FacetDrop of LavacoreBand of Living LavaMercyGolden Guardian's MaskVeltar's Staff of TranquilityTerrak-nar, Emperor's BulwarkSoul BowShredded Death's DrapeShield of the Sebilisian PhalanxShattered Mirror of Self-LoathingSebillisian Ring of EnduranceSathir Signet RingRings of ScaleMantle of AthisesMancatcher's Ketchata Koro MisKunzar Shawl of MourningKunzar EitchatkaHeresh, Spine of PainGlory, Node of StrengthGirdle of EntombmentEnchanted Spirit Wracked CordEarring of Swirling StrengthDivine Mace of ChelsithBlade of CaleusBetrothal BandAcrodont AxeSimple Secrets of the Combine HeroGray Wolf SkullFormal Armwraps of LunanynDark GemBook of Solutions

Updated Quests: Jaggedpine Druid Boots ; Demiplane Access: Memories Lost (required for Vule) Hoshkar (Raid)

New Recipes: Imbued Silver Amber RingImbued Silver Diamond RingImbued Silver Emerald RingImbued Silver Fire RingImbued Silver Opal RingImbued Silver Plains RingImbued Silver Ruby VeilImbued Silver Sapphire NecklaceImbued Silvered Peridot Ring

Updated Recipes: Reinforced BeltReinforced WristbandsReinforced GorgetReinforced CloakReinforced GlovesReinforced BootsReinforced LeggingsRaw Silk LeggingsRaw Silk RobeWu's Fighting SashWu's Fighting SlippersWu's Fighting WristbandsWu's Fighting CapWu's Fighting CloakWu's Fighting CollarWu's Fighting PantaloonsWu's Fighting MantleWu's Fighting SleevesWu's Fighting ShirtWu's Fighting GauntletsSmall Banded SleevesSmall Banded BeltSmall Banded BootsSmall Banded BracerSmall Banded CloakSmall Banded GauntletsSmall Banded HelmSmall Banded LeggingsSmall Banded MantleRound ShieldTarg ShieldOrnate Chain BootsOrnate Chain BraceletOrnate Chain CloakOrnate Chain CoifOrnate Chain GlovesOrnate Chain GorgetOrnate Chain LeggingsOrnate Chain MantleOrnate Chain SkirtOrnate Chain SleevesOrnate Chain VeilNorthman Kite ShieldSmall Fine Plate BracerNorthman Ring BeltNorthman Ring BootsNorthman Ring BracerNorthman Ring CloakNorthman Ring GauntletsNorthman Ring GorgetNorthman Ring MantleNorthman Ring MaskImbued Black Sapphire Electrum EarringImbued Silver Rose RingSeafarers Buckler ShieldJasper Gold EarringPatched Gnoll Fur BundleMystic CloakGolden Cat Eye BraceletLarge Banded SleevesSmall Ornate Chain BootsSmall Ornate Chain BraceletSmall Ornate Chain CloakSmall Ornate Chain GlovesSmall Ornate Chain MantleSmall Ornate Chain GorgetSmall Ornate Chain LeggingsSmall Ornate Chain SkirtSmall Ornate Chain SleevesSmall Ornate Chain VeilLarge Ornate Chain BootsLarge Ornate Chain BraceletLarge Ornate Chain CloakLarge Ornate Chain CoifLarge Ornate Chain GlovesLarge Ornate Chain MantleLarge Ornate Chain GorgetLarge Ornate Chain LeggingsLarge Ornate Chain SkirtLarge Ornate Chain SleevesLarge Ornate Chain VeilLarge Leather CloakLarge Leather GlovesLarge Leather LeggingsLarge Leather SkullcapLarge Leather SleevesLarge Leather TunicSmall Banded GorgetGolden Black Pearl ChokerGolden Star Ruby RingYellow Fine Plate BracerYellow Fine Plate VambracesSmall Patchwork TunicLarge Studded TunicSlate Fine Plate VambracesStudded TunicSmall Studded TunicLarge BucklerSmall BucklerLarge Targ ShieldSmall Targ ShieldSmall Studded CloakBlack Sapphire Silvered NecklaceSapphire Platinum NecklaceSilvered Sapphire NecklaceBlack Sapphire Electrum EarringSilver Jasper RingYellow Fine Plate BootsLarge Yellow Fine Plate BootsSmall Yellow Fine Plate BootsLarge Reinforced BeltPlatinum Jasper RingPlatinum Star Ruby VeilCat Eye Platinum NecklacePlatinum Fire Wedding RingFire Emerald Platinum RingPlatinum Ruby VeilSmall Reinforced SkullcapSmall Reinforced GorgetSmall Reinforced BootsSmall Reinforced WristbandsSmall Reinforced LeggingsSmall Reinforced BeltSmall Reinforced CloakSmall Reinforced GlovesRed Rust Fine Plate BootsSmall Reinforced SleevesLarge Kite ShieldLarge Reinforced CloakRed Rust Fine Plate BracerGolden Sapphire EarringLarge Reinforced SleevesLarge Reinforced GlovesSmall Fine Plate VisorSmall Studded GlovesLarge Round ShieldSmall Kite ShieldLarge Fine Plate VisorLarge Reinforced ShoulderpadsLarge Black Fine Plate VambracesSmall Round ShieldSmall Slate Fine Plate BootsSmall Slate Fine Plate VambracesSmall Slate Fine Plate BracerLarge Reinforced SkullcapLarge Reinforced WristbandsSmall Studded LeggingsSmall Reinforced ShoulderpadsSmall Studded BootsRose Fine Plate BracerSmall Rose Fine Plate BracerLarge Rose Fine Plate BracerLarge Fine Plate BracerLarge Reinforced BootsLarge Grey Fine Plate VambracesLarge Grey Fine Plate BracerLarge Grey Fine Plate BootsSlate Fine Plate BracerSlate Fine Plate BootsLarge Slate Fine Plate VambracesLarge Slate Fine Plate BracerLarge Slate Fine Plate BootsLarge Reinforced LeggingsSmall Fine Plate GirdleRed Rust Fine Plate VambracesSmall Red Rust Fine Plate BracerSmall Red Rust Fine Plate BootsLarge Red Rust Fine Plate BracerLarge Red Rust Fine Plate BootsLarge Reinforced GorgetSmall Studded SleevesLarge Fine Plate CollarSmall Fine Plate CollarSmall Crimson Fine Plate BracerLarge Crimson Fine Plate BracerPale Yellow Fine Plate BracerSmall Pale Yellow Fine BracerLarge Pale Yellow Fine BracerPale Yellow Fine Plate VambracesPale Yellow Fine Plate BootsLarge Pale Yellow Fine Plate BootsSmall Yellow Fine Plate VambracesSmall Pale Yellow Fine VambracesLarge Pale Yellow Fine VambracesSmall Pale Yellow Fine Plate BootsRed Fine Plate BracerSmall Red Fine Plate BracerLarge Red Fine Plate BracerPale Blue Fine Plate BracerSmall Pale Blue Fine Plate BracerLarge Pale Blue Fine Plate BracerLarge Fine Plate GirdleSilvered Fire Emerald Ring [non-enchanted]Fire Emerald Golden BraceletSmall Dark Yellow Fine Plate BracerSmall Dark Yellow Fine Plate BootsLarge Dark Yellow Fine Plate BracerLarge Dark Yellow Fine Plate BootsSmall Dark Yellow Fine VambracesLarge Dark Yellow Fine VambracesSilver Fire Wedding RingSmall Studded SkullcapMounted Stonescaled Selyrah HeadSmall Brown Rust Fine Plate BracerSmall Brown Rust Fine Plate BootsSmall Brown Rust Fine VambracesLarge Brown Rust Fine Plate BracerLarge Brown Rust Fine Plate BootsLarge Brown Rust Fine VambracesSmall Dark Blue Fine Plate BootsSmall Dark Blue Fine Plate BracerLarge Dark Blue Fine Plate BracerLarge Dark Blue Fine Plate BootsSmall Dark Blue Fine VambracesLarge Dark Blue Fine VambracesPale Green Fine Plate BracerPale Green Small Fine Plate BracerPale Green Large Fine Plate BracerSmall Black Fine Plate VambracesSmall Black Fine Plate BracerSmall Black Fine Plate BootsLarge Black Fine Plate BracerLarge Black Fine Plate BootsSmall Grey Fine Plate VambracesSmall Grey Fine Plate BracerSmall Grey Fine Plate BootsSmall Red Rust Fine VambracesLarge Red Rust Fine VambracesLarge Yellow Fine Plate VambracesLarge Yellow Fine Plate BracerSmall Yellow Fine Plate BracerSmall Blue Fine Plate BracerLarge Blue Fine Plate BracerLarge Blue Fine Plate BootsSmall Blue Fine Plate BootsLarge Blue Fine Plate VambracesSmall Blue Fine Plate VambracesTopaz Silver NecklaceSapphire Platinum NecklaceGolden Star Ruby RingDiamond Electrum MaskGolden Diamond MaskElectrum Hematite ChokerElectrum Malachite BraceletBlue Diamond Electrum EarringElectrum Pearl ChokerElectrum Peridot BraceletElectrum Turquoise Engagement RingGold Malachite BraceletGold Turquoise Engagement RingGolden Blue Diamond PendantGolden Emerald BraceletGolden Jacinth Wedding RingGolden Peridot BraceletPlatinum Blue Diamond TiaraPlatinum Diamond Wedding RingPlatinum Emerald RingPlatinum Hematite RingPlatinum Jacinth Wedding RingPlatinum Lapis Lazuli NecklacePlatinum Malachite RingPlatinum Pearl RingPlatinum Peridot RingPlatinum Turquoise BraceletSilver Diamond Wedding RingSilver Emerald RingSilver Hematite RingSilver Malachite RingSilver Turquoise BraceletSilvered Pearl RingSilvered Peridot RingWolf's Eye Electrum BraceletWolf's Eye Golden BraceletPlatinum Ruby VeilPlatinum Jasper RingSilver Lapis Lazuli NecklaceSilver Cat Eye NecklaceSilver Bloodstone EarringSilver Onyx BraceletSilver Carnelian Wedding RingSilver Rose Engagement RingSilver Amber RingSilver Wolf's Eye NecklaceJaded Silver RingSilver Opal Engagement RingBlackened Pearl Silver RingSilver Fire Wedding RingGolden Jaded BraceletJasper Gold EarringGolden Amber EarringGolden Star AmuletGolden Fire Wedding RingPlatinum Fire Wedding RingRose Platinum Engagement RingSilver Blue Diamond RingSilver Ruby VeilSilvered Fire Emerald RingSilvered Star Ruby VeilBlack Pearl Electrum ChokerBlack Pearl Platinum RingBlack Sapphire Electrum EarringBlack Sapphire Platinum NecklaceCat Eye Platinum NecklaceElectrum Amber EarringElectrum Bloodstone NecklaceElectrum Carnelian Wedding RingElectrum Cat Eye BraceletElectrum Fire Wedding RingElectrum Jasper EarringElectrum Lapis Lazuli EarringElectrum Onyx PendantElectrum Opal AmuletElectrum Star AmuletElectrum Star Ruby RingEmerald Electrum BraceletFire Emerald Electrum BraceletFire Emerald Golden BraceletFire Emerald Platinum RingGold Bloodstone NecklaceGold Carnelian Wedding RingGold Lapis Lazuli EarringGold Onyx PendantGolden Black Pearl ChokerGolden Black Sapphire EarringGolden Cat Eye BraceletGolden Hematite ChokerGolden Opal AmuletGolden Ruby RingGolden Sapphire EarringGolden Topaz EarringJaded Platinum RingPlatinum Amber RingPlatinum Bloodstone EarringPlatinum Carnelian Wedding RingPlatinum Onyx BraceletPlatinum Star Ruby VeilPlatinum Opal Engagement RingPlatinum Topaz NecklaceRuby Electrum RingSapphire Electrum EarringTopaz Electrum EarringWolf's Eye Platinum Necklace

Bestiary Updates: a potamide maidena potamide wildlinga potamide guardianLerian WyndrunnerCyribelle the WildBattle Master Ska`tu ; A Sun WraithPrimal Mage MollensMasterchef Ram`seea merchant [Raid Merchant]


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