Update Notes: Thursday January 26, 2017

All US EverQuest II Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, January 26th, 2017 at 2:00PM PT (10 PM UTC) for an update. Estimated downtime could be up to 4 hours.

All EU servers will come offline at 9:00 PM PT (5 AM UTC January 27th) for this update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 2 hours.

Update notes for this downtime can be found in the Game Update Notes forum once they're available.


  • Ikile Harmonia <Tradeskill Tutorial> and Ralika Mekkila <Crafting Trainer> in Kelethin should no longer fall to the forest floor.
  • Lama Mukhlisah in The Stonebrunt Highlands should no longer fall through the floor.
  • Proctor Talnisk <Representative of Dominus Rile> in Fens of Nathsar should no longer fall through the floor.
  • Monsters and Bosses in Kunark Ascending dungeons all now see stealth and invis.


  • Brought the Ring and Band of Pursuing Sagas into the correct item progression.
  • Gossamer Blade and the Blade of the Naya'Patel will now accept cyan adornments.
  • Corrected the stats and effect on Gossamer Blade.
  • Removed the 2 extra resolve and predicated effects that were added to the wrong tier of some raid armor.


  • Nonsense is Better Than no Sense at All - Certain elements of the coin quest now require the completion of specific quests to pick up the coins.
  • Awakening Bonds: ...Is Whole Again - Corrected an issue that prevented the seeress from fully updating the quest for some players.


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