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If you are still looking to pick up a copy of Ring of Scale for the premium or collector edition items or to just own the basic expansion, now is the time to do it before pre orders start for the upcoming expansion The Burning Lands.

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Ring of Scale


Site Migration Postponed

The site migration has been postponed until further notice. We'll let everyone know when we can set a date and time for this.

EQ Update #100

In this update some Halloween ornamentation items were uploaded that are replacement augs for the old container ornamentations. We have attached info to these items and gave them a screenshot (some animated) and the old container molds info was detached as marked as no longer dropped. Other Halloween items currently on the marketplace have also had info attached to them, such as price and their screenshots added (some animated) as well.

Some mounts were added to the Item Mounts wiki page and given velocity values. Other mounts on the same page also had their velocity values entered.

And just a reminder that this Wednesday Thursday, at 10pm PT (11pm MT, 12am CT, 1am ET) we will be bringing all allakhazam sites offline to move them over to our new host. Downtime hopefully shouldn't be too long and I don't have an ETA on when exactly the site will be back up but we need to make sure all the current data is backed up and moved before we bring the site back online.

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Site Migration

All sites will be taken offline around 10pm PST on October 17th 18th to migrate over to the new host. If this schedule changes, I'll let everyone know. Downtime will be a few hours, I don't have a specific time when everything will come back up but you can follow me on twitter at for updates or join our Discord channel at as well to get updates during the move.

EQ Update #99

In this update, many recipes new and existing were updated by Grizabelle and Drewinette.

Also Classic and Kunark zone page header sections HTML was fixed so they can be veiwable on mobile devices without the text scrolling off the right side of the page. We'll get other pages fixed as well in other expansions.

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