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#477 Sep 03 2018 at 7:19 PM Rating: Good
GBATE!! Never saw it coming
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In all seriousness (and I apologize if this has been brought up and answered) have you been tested for ADD?

My mom (retired) was a reasonably successful reporter/columnist/ writer for many years. She was also fairly disorganized and prone to misplace stuff and would start personal projects and take forever to complete them.

After years...hell, decades of this she was diagnosed with ADD and started on some medication for it. The difference was astounding to say the least.

She described the difference like this: Imagine you are driving down the highway with alot of blowing snow at night. Anyone who's done this knows that it is very disorienting as you sense of speed and perspective gets pretty discombobulated. Taking the meds was like having all that snow go away so you can concentrate and, incidentally, see the road again.

Go get checked, Kuwoobie. Seriously.

ALSO: eels, hovercraft, etc

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Smash wrote:
My next mixed metaphor will include chocolate cake.

#478 Sep 04 2018 at 4:32 PM Rating: Good
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Allegory's point about depressive versus positive thinking is pretty darn relevant here. One of the things I've noticed about your writing is the language you use is extremely negative, for things that aren't inherently so.

Kuwoobie wrote:
Telling me that other people are worse off doesn't change anything. Telling me that everything is my fault doesn't change anything.

You can choose to interpret what folks are saying as "everything is my fault", but that's an incredibly negative way of looking at things. The reality is that you are responsible for the decisions you make and actions you take. You can call that "fault", but that's you choosing to view it that way. It just is what it is. There's no blame or fault here, just results from decisions and actions. Some will be good. Some will be bad.

I think what is happening is perfectly natural. I have been filtered out. I didn't make the cut. I was not meant to survive.

Same thing here. You start out with a reasonable proposition. That it's natural for failure to occur (cause it is, as several people have pointed out). But you then proceed down a path of interpretation that gets increasingly negative. You've been "filtered out", and "didn't make the cut". Again, you can choose to interpret it that way, but we've all failed to "make the cut" at many point in our lives for a range of things, from not getting picked first for kickball, to not making the whatever team in high school, or not getting a call back on that job we applied for. Life if chock full of situations where you aren't the one chosen for something. This is (as you say) "perfectly natural".

But then you go one step further to "I was not meant to survive". Um... What? How do you leap from one to the other? I agree with Allegory that how we choose to perceive things can dramatically affect how we feel about those things, and that this can create a feedback effect. And no, I'm not saying to just put on a happy face, smile, and nod, etc. But just not automatically going to the most negative interpretation of things might make a huge difference.
King Nobby wrote:
More words please
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