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#27 Mar 07 2018 at 6:50 AM Rating: Excellent
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I've ported into Butcherblock Mountains hundreds of times but this only happened once. I cast the port spell and when I arrive in Butcherblock I'm waaaaay up in the sky about as high as you can be. Then I start falling, real fast. BAM! I die.

I port back to find my corpse and then consider whether I'll just loot it and eat the death or try to convince a cleric to come here and rez me. (This was long before druids got rez spells and even before merc clerics.) Well, I can't locate my corpse. I looked all around the druid ring and even in nearby areas no corpse. I type /target sippin's corpse and got a response like "out of range." Oops. My corpse is beneath the world!

So I /petitioned. Here's one of the great things about the OLD game. In about 5 minutes a GM shows up and I explain what happened. He smiled, gave me some milk and cookies (I think... they always did that back then) and advised me to wait a few minutes he'd bring my corpse up from the Norrath Netherworld. Sure enough, he did, then gave me a 100% rez, apologized for the undeserved death and wished me Happy Hunting.
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Yeah. Actually interacting with a GM nowadays? forgetaboutit. I only ever had to petition a few times.

As a rouge I spent an inordinate amount of time raising picklock on the locked doors at Befallen. Sooo...

Some kid was casting Eye of Zomm and then flying it down the well to the third floor. Of course doing so would create a massive train to the kid who was standing at the zone-in line. Piles of player corpses. I petitioned. Ten minutes later the GM caught the kid in the act. I think he was whisked off to some GM prison zone.

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