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Soloing level 19 to 20 on progression in ClassicFollow

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So I continue my slow path to leveling on Agnarr. It felt like a major accomplishment to get that surname! --a feature I haven't used on a character in about 10 years but did this time.

Context: I'm soloing a monk in decent gear, weapon is fists (haven't got on the spend $ for a mudman enforcer or smoldering brand bandwagon). My origin is Qeynos and my plat acquisition is keeping up with bandages so ports haven't been a ready option, and I haven't had a SoW . Also, I tend to play in 30 minute bursts or less, so spending time traveling is wasteful (though I have done some). I haven't been grouping due to the time limitations, when I get an afternoon or evening open I will do so.

Being a monk at this level, feign death is becoming reliable as the skill levels, which is a huge help. Mend is decent too. Dark blue cons run from taking about 25% of my life at times to 85% for some of the trickier ones (some casters get lucky and nuke you down).

Lavastorm: roaming amongst the Nektulos zoneline elementals, spiders and dervish are dark blue cons. Some things are madly social here. Gypsy merchant is handy.

South Ro: roaming orcs and desert madmen, the odd ghoul were dark blue. Trick was avoiding roaming orc priests. Had a red con giant spawn right in front of me and lots of others killing in the zone. Occasionally the desert madmen would nuke me hard, not a big deal one on one, risky if adds getting into play. SoW would definitely improve the hunt here.

Gorge of King Xorbb: still Muddite Elders and Minotaurs to kill, but grey con roamers aggro you (annoying).

East Karana: lots of grey con wolves and such, but the gorge hounds were perfect. I got poisoned by a big spider that conned dark blue but the poison was 20ish hp a tick and that ended that.

Najena: ogre guards are good, but run away fast. Hard to avoid adds with so many roaming and invis mobs, and others are in the zone. I may try it again though, as it is a wide-ranging zone for levels.

Freeport Sewers: I zoned in from the North Ro entrance which puts you in grey con territory. However, the first area to the left has dark blue @ 19 plague rats and goos, with scorpions that roam pretty close. I could get maybe 4 spawns dead before my bandaging up and medding HP time resulted in a respawn so a very compact camp. I did half the level here over 3-4 sessions, only had others in the zone killing stuff once. Halfling merchants in zone are handy, but I wasn't getting that much loot to worry about selling. This is the Prophecy of Ro era version of the zone with all the "modern" gear and stuff stripped out of it --I vaguely remember the original sewers.

Any of these zones would work for a root-rotter. Kiters probably won't do Najena, but could actually do Freeport Sewers as the low con mobs don't aggro and there is paths you could use to kite. Melee soloing without feign death you want zoneline access, Najena is a bottleneck so not a good spot for that (and people are often camped at ZL so you'd be running them over).
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