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#1 Apr 17 2017 at 8:31 AM Rating: Excellent
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I'll try this one more time. It seems that this site is very dead these days. I recently returned to EQ because of the free heroic characters. I created several on servers where I had multitudes of low level chars. I have also had severe kidney problems resulting in pain I could never have imagined (and that includes almost 3 years front-line combat experience). As a result, I am pretty well stuck in front of my laptop moving as little as possible while eating Percocet. In short, the perfect conditions to play EQ.

Similar to what I did 2 years ago during Fabled time, I decided to get the rest of my crew Fabled Journeyman's Boots. I thought I was crazy last time, but got a little carried away this year trying to fully equip all my various lowbie alts. Final count? 43 sets. The only chars not equiped are the 4 I have on Lockjaw. They are too low to attempt The Fabled Drelzna

One of the heroic characters I created is an Iksar Shadowknight. I chose Iksar because I like the Iksar quests for the various classes. In the past I have completed the Warrior pike, Necromancer Cap (on a Dark Elf) and the Beastlord claws (on 2 chars, one non iksar). I am also currently working on the Monk and Shaman lines. I have completed the kukri quest and started on Greenmist. I am camping Drusella Sathir looking for Mirror of Self-loathing. That may have to wait, as I believe a single char, even an SK would be eaten by the Fabled version of Drusella that spawns now. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a group. Smiley: lol

Meanwhile, I am Alt hopping like crazy.

EDIT: Finished the Iksar Monk Tynnonium Shackle tonight. After reading I have to do the Stupendous Tome quest again, my mind shut down and I logged.

EDIT2: Finished Greenmist. Drusella, even the Fabled version, was actually quite easy. I am now well into his epic quest. I hate The Hole. Smiley: lol

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#2 Apr 17 2017 at 10:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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I managed to get my free heroics created recently, but honestly just haven't had time to play at all in the last two months. Every day I tell myself I'll play EQ that night, and every night, something comes up to torpedo those plans :(
Tatanka Wolfdancer, 106 Wood Elf Druid, 7 x 300+ Master Artisan, 7 maxed trophies :)
Anaceup Mysleeves, 105 Erudite Mage, 2 x 300 Master Artisan
Snookims Whinslow, 105 Erudite Enchanter, 2 x 300 Master Artisan
<Inisfree>, Tunare (Seventh Hammer!)

Tatankaa (95 Inquis)/Urkell (38 Conj)/ Seanthornton (24 Pally), <Inisfree> Freeport server (some other server now)
#3 Apr 17 2017 at 11:11 AM Rating: Excellent
well I have not had that much time to due any thing other then the 95 daily and Raids but I my raiding has increased to 5 nights a week.
Enjoying the 17th Anniversary raid this year used DKP for the Caster aug and won by random an Ear upgrade. -very happy this year.

even got my Dichotomic 6 done last month -very happy thought that would never happen.

Hope everybody had a happy Easter.....
#4 Apr 17 2017 at 12:36 PM Rating: Excellent
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On Friday night I did the Sixth Anniversary Scavenger Hunt with a friend and then did come poking into Luclin zones (found no named or Fabled).

I was doing 90% to AA at Level 100 for a few weeks filling in the main DPS lines, but now I am back to 90% XP. Current goal: Level 102 and my shiny new tank pet.

I've also been binge running some Anniversary Content. I have 6 Zueria Slides, 6 Cleansing Rods, and a Drunkard's Stein for every character I have on FV (just in case). My current list is the 12th Anniversary Augments - I did the Glowing Lena Fete Rune the other night (took hours and hours.. thank you to everyone that posted info here or it would have taken days) but I need to get in gear and do the Merc Guardian ones.
#5 Apr 18 2017 at 5:39 PM Rating: Excellent
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Barely finding time to login and check boards, but I am hoping to be online for Agnarr's launch (May 24 apparently).

Great to see an update thread!
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