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Mediik, Fires Within, TDE, 7th Hammer & USELESS DAYBREAKFollow

#1 Dec 13 2016 at 4:31 PM Rating: Default
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Anyone playing and on what servers? Mediik, you still here?

I can't believe how incompetent the Daybreak people are, considering they are Sony Online Entertainment with a different name, still with most of the same employees.

Trying to restart playing with 3 of my accounts but since I no longer have access to SOE's account database, I had some questions about my accounts as I don't have access to my old emails to reset my passwords. I had to create 4 separate accounts with Daybreak since they would not reply to 3 questions from the first account I created, except for generic acknowledgment messages. So I kept creating more accounts in case they ever decided to reply to the new ones but after contacting customer service exactly 19 times through 4 accounts in a period of 4 weeks, I haven't gotten A SINGLE RESPONSE except for automated messages stating "your request (155101) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff."

Makes you want to wish they would go bankrupt or something. I find it quite amazing that they have a customer willing to pay yearly for 3 accounts but they can't even be bothered to help lol. It seems however from what I read that they may have their hands full destroying guilds and not being able to figure out how to fix the problem. Unbelievable :(

And even with 4 accounts, I have no privileges to post on EQ forums because you are required to be logged on with an account, and that's exactly why I need them to contact me so that I can get my passwords reset and be able to get on. I still curse the day whoever that genius is who decided that EQ2 was a brilliant idea..

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#2 Dec 13 2016 at 5:46 PM Rating: Excellent
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I don't think they have any intent to expand the skeleton crew that seems to manage the community or the customers. I have a friend who went through account reactivations after losing credentials before the DBG restructuring. He had no trouble whatsoever getting access to his accounts again - they simply reset his passwords after verifying who he was. I don't think the problem is incompetence though. When I think of the CM/CSR "department" at DBG now, I imagine one 20 year old guy with all the buttons on his phone lit up and 1000's of tickets backing up each day. I even doubt Roshen is full time at this point.

When you contrast the downsizing at DBG to Zam, one thing stands out: Zam found people that had time to help because they cared, and gave them tools to make a difference. DBG just fired everyone and left the chairs empty.

I wish you luck...
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No help on the support side, but I recognize the names you mention. Did you know Tronne? He was a wizzy, was our guild leader in Jesters League of Antonica, til he made the move to TDE.

I recognize the name Mediik as well. A dwarf, right? If it's the guy I'm thinking of, I met him in my first few weeks of playing EQ. I had travelled to Kaladim with my first batch of Crushbone belts, and got horribly lost. He helped me find my way, and gave me a bunch of stuff to equip. Nice guy.

Fun memories :)

Tatanka Wolfdancer, 106 Wood Elf Druid, 7 x 300+ Master Artisan, 7 maxed trophies :)
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#4 Dec 17 2016 at 7:44 AM Rating: Excellent
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Reaching out to old EQ friends posts are fun. I don't know any of NabbytheWise's people, but anyone else that wants to start their own thread like this feel free to do so.

For Nabby's situation with accounts.... maybe do one month subscription on a new account that you have no intention of using, petition in game and post on the official boards with it?

You shouldn't have to do this of course, but just trying to give an option you could choose to try.
#5 Dec 17 2016 at 1:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Sounds good actually, thanks.

I finally got a reply as well. They had the most ridiculous requirements to verify one's identity, so I am really thinking of taking legal action and will start with complaints to the BBB and FTC, and take it from there. At the worst, I'll seek every penny I ever paid to them plus interest, and I have regularly been paying for a minimum of 3 accounts from 1999 and on.

The SOE site allowed you to get your account names simply by requesting all associated account names with an email address to be emailed to you (I had way too many but can't let go off 3, however I can't remember the login name of one even though I can give the name and level of characters on the account).

They wanted the name and address, and the email, which is exactly the same as it had been. Then they asked the last 4 digits of the credit cards I used lol. Without exaggeration I have over 20 cards probably and been through another 20 or even 40 I may have closed. My credit was decent, so I would get cards with bonuses, use them reguarly and then pay them off immediately as if they were debit cards with no interest paid, and if the bonus expired and if the cards had fees, I would cancel them while those without fees would just sit forever for emergencies or until the institutions close them.

Plus a lot of the cards I had were changed once or even twice when they had those big "stolen card" scandals with Target, etc... And I don't have an album book where I store old cards, I shred them and burn them.

I asked them if they could provide me with the numerical value of any single digit on the card, and that I could give them the info if I still had the card, or if they told me the first few letters of the institution that issued them unless they wanted to simply tell me the full name of the issuer.

Each time I replied, I ended up with a new person and they would randomly ask the same questions while the answers were already in the previous messages attached to that message. They use Westerner names but they sound offshore since those usually seem unable to make individual decisions and everything has to be followed to the last word and comma in their policy guides.

I have my name and address, I am using the same email, I have 2 of 3 accounts' login names also registered to the same mail, and I have the secret question answer. Nope, "you may be someone who will steal 3 unused accounts who are of no use to us since we can't even make money off them since nobody is paying for them. Our accounts are so precious that we need more ID proof than they ask you when you try to get a passport or when you go vote". Unbelievable...

And Mediik is a gnome cleric. Been on the Seventh Hammer until the server was shut down and merged into something else. He also boxes multiple accounts now but the name he will use in forums will always be Mediik.

I started on Xegony as a barbarian warrior from beta 3. Within the first week of the official game, I got stuck upstairs in the bank in Gnome city and a week later after I still had not a single GM come and get me out, I made a halfling druid named Nabby.

We took over the Dark Exile with 2 friends named Ranadin, the inkie SK, and Gilthanos the high-elf Pally (passed away in a car accident after I quit EQ the final time, may he RIP). Ended up in a Plane of Fear raid where we got wiped out and took us about 3 days of CR, and I had dropped to lvl 47 from 50, and couldn't even get into the plane. I had about enough as you lost a third of a level when dead, and got no xp back while that amount you lost in 1 death took about 20-25 hours of non-stop quadding to get back, so I put up the account up for sale on eBay and quadded the guards Sheg and Topplo outside East Freeport to get the 50 back.

Got back within the year, the guy who bought my account hadn't improved on Nabby at all and had moved him servers. He wanted $10k and then dropped it to $5k lol. So I started a new account, made my new Nabby and realized my guild was gone along with my friends. Turned out they had a free server migration and they had gone to the Seventh Hammer. GM's moved me for free, I had already gotten to lvl 20 in 3 days with hours a day and refused to restart a new character on the new server.

Ranadin was still ****** off I had left but Gilthanos helped PL me and I was back to 50 in about 3 days at CT. Joined the Fires Within other friends were making, and been there for almost 5 years as the druid CL and GL a few times. Ended up pl'ing a halfling rogue McNab after we kept failing in the Plane of Air with not enough rogues to drag corpses (before the 72 ppl limit on raids when we used to zerg with 140-150 ppl lol). A lot of changes were happening, ended up GL again during a transition and got sick of people coming to the guild, getting keyed for the Plane of Time and leaving (we were top 3 on the server but at the time 1 was ahead of us maybe 2-3 months and TDE about a week or two). So I made Circle of Nabbits for fun only but it ended up with 100+ ppl again, so I went back to FW. I won one of the Best of Best between servers and got the title Nabby the Wise.

We were doing awesome, instead of being 1-2 years behind progression, we were only a couple of months behind.

And then the imbecile at SOE who probably never played any game for more than 3-4 hours in a single week with no more than 5-6 hours in any given month, if even that..., because he was too busy getting an MBA from an Ivy League school came up with the brilliant and genius idea of Everquest 2 (and I hope he was fired when they started questioning why the total number of player subscriptions in EQ and EQ2 combined were half the number of EQ players alone a year ago).

The guilds took a huge hit, people like me who had 500+ days played refused to even try EQ2 (used to go through 3-4 games a month until EQ, and haven't bought a single other game for 8 or 9 years after that and switched to console gaming when I quit anyway, and I still haven't played another PC game since 1998). If they had shut down EQ and had given us bonuses and extra levels for our EQ characters in EQ2, I may have whined and complained but I would have most likely gone, but not how they did it. Raid numbers went down, participation went down, and eventually I could solo with 3 to 5 boxes almost everything in the game. And more and more people kept quitting, and I did too. And then 3-4 years ago I had to get back and would have continued playing but got a house in Maine with no Internet connection anywhere near it, so I had to quit. I think we were last on Tunare but not sure exactly since I never paid much attention to it, with the characters automatically logging in to whatever server they were in. Got internet back a few months ago when a company decided to finally move in to this area, but I can't get the idiots to recover my accounts lol.

Edited for typos, hard on the cell phone to type..

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#7 Dec 17 2016 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
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Thank you but my accounts aren't linked with the daybreak account I created, so it doesn't do a thing. SOE was the owner when I quit and even though Daybreak is a downsized SOE with the same people, same everything, they couldn't bother making a copy of online account servers. I could get in to SOE, see my cards from 10 years ago, change whatever I wanted, and it worked. These guys seem subpar from what I read on EQ forums in even maintaining the game when compared to SOE.

I need to recover my EQ accounts and not the Daybreak one since I just made a Daybreak one, assuming they may have incorporated something as simple as associating the EQ accounts to your Daybreak account automatically if the EQ accounts were also registered under the same email address you registered with Daybreak. But I guess that would have taken them a few minutes of their seemingly very precious time which they can't waste with such unimportant things. I am reconsidering whether I should even bother with these people since obviously they have no problem charging you outrageously even if you will only play just a single game without bothering with any of their other games, but when it comes to customer support skills, it seems they hardly have any..

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Wow you typed all that on a cell phone?? Props to you!

Seriously, though, this level of rant will generate the "best" feedback on the DBG forums. Here, we'll all commiserate, but most of us won't even read it all, even though it does have appropriate paragraph breaks and punctuation is sound. The short version is "I wanted to get my old accounts reactivated and DBG is no help." Get in the long line in the right forum at and wait your turn for non-service. And bear in mind the characters on those accounts could be WIPED. This has been happening to CURRENT ACTIVE players with no "interruption in service." Then you have a whole new really long CS line to suffer through.

Super serious, the best advice is to make a new toon and start over. If you covet a name, move to a server where the name isn't in use. Otherwise name it something very similar. But don't add an "X" at the end, that always makes me suspicious of a toon, for some reason.

Good luck!

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#9 Mar 23 2017 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
1 post that's a name I've not heard in a long long time.

This is Arragain (later Mymn) from FW, we spent many long *** nights together Kinark through whenever you left or I long ago I can't remember timelines well lol. I do remember tanking that "dragon" Faydedar in TD for your epic though and long ******** sessions. Good times man.

Anyway, after over a decade of various mmos, p99, SoD etc, I'm back in EQ myself, currently playing in Phinigel server. Roll a toon and look me up, play as Garmr 99% of the time, be good to catch up. Haven't heard from or seen anyone from FW in well over a decade now. Names I remember most from those days for various reasons...

And of course the Nabster lol
#10 Mar 23 2017 at 1:32 PM Rating: Excellent
NabbytheWise wrote:
Sounds good actually, thanks.

I finally got a reply as well. They had the most ridiculous requirements to verify one's identity, so I am really thinking of taking legal action and will start with complaints to the BBB and FTC, and take it from there. At the worst, I'll seek every penny I ever paid to them plus interest, and I have regularly been paying for a minimum of 3 accounts from 1999 and on.

Not to be one of THOSE people, but I have to question you on this. In all that time you paid money to play EQ, did they not once deliver their product to you? Were you deprived of EQ after you paid for the month? These are the kinds of questions a competent lawyer will ask you. Since you were able to obtain services for the money you dished out, no lawyer will represent you. Sorry for sounding like a jerk, but as much as I would love to stick it to the man, reality needs to be thrown around a bit.

#11 Mar 23 2017 at 2:42 PM Rating: Excellent
Ya no lawyer would represent this case as it has no legal grounds. Most companies need verification you are the person that owns the account or else any social engineer hacker can gain access to accounts. If you want to gain access to a past account but you forgot the information, Daybreak normally sends out a questionnaire for you to fill out that includes your past credit card used on the account. If you can't supply that information then that would be a big red flag to me.

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